Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I love to blog.

This question has been coming to me the past few weeks.

Why do I love to blog?

Especially in light of my increased blogging with my increased work load (meaning Cordelia). Is it that I blog twice as much because I now have 2 beautiful subjects? Sadly, no, evidenced by the lack of Cordelia photos I've posted.

Here's a real cute one, though.

Maybe it's because we've had the snowiest winter in our city's history. And we're house bound for at least a few more days. And I'm bored and stir crazy. Is that why I've increased my blogging?

No. I have found that I LOVE to blog because it's purely MINE. It's my thoughts. My photos. My blank canvas and I can do whatever I want with it.

Come to think of it, I haven't had a lot of MINE lately. I've been sharing my womb with a baby. And now I'm sharing my "mommy's milk." And I share my lap to both babes all the time. It's nice to have something all my own.

And it's about freedom. I don't HAVE to blog. I can if I want. It's the freedom of when and how and where I blog that is so beautiful. Freedom is a beautiful thing.

And finally, it's because my work load has increased. At my college we had a motto: Work Hard, Play Hard. For better or worse, we were generally really good at both. Why was it that the craziest partier in my sorority could always out score me on a test? The more demands I have, the more I need an outlet.

What about you? Do you blog? Do you have an outlet?


Rudy Rukus said...

I have lots of outlets. I need them to save my children hehe...

Brookie said...

Be careful what you ask, Emily. You might be my lunch-time means of releasing steam. http://brookesanden.blogspot.com/2010/02/why-do-you-blog-emily-asks.html

Molly said...

love the pic of Cordelia and dad. she looks so happy. i wish i could give her a big squeeze. but first i'd need to give eloise a big squeeze because today she is 3!!! what a big girl.

Molly said...

so back to your original question... do i have an outlet? this has been in the back of my mind all day. sometimes going on a walk by myself is my outlet, but in the cold and rainy winter or when life gets busy i have to forgo that outlet. sometimes i journal, but sometimes i don't. sometimes i read other people's blogs. and sometimes i just dance. that's right, i'm not afraid to admit it, the music goes up and i dance it out. i think eloise would agree, sometimes dancing makes the world a better place.