Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This morning I dropped Eloise off at ballet and Cordelia and I took a stroll. It is beautiful out--snow on the ground, sun high in the sky, a warm balmy 40 degrees. I was taking in all the beauty when a woman turns the corner.

She's so interested in my baby. It turns out she has a little one just 3 days older than Cordelia. Wow. Lots in common. We share stories about feeding, sleeping, etc, and then we had this exchange:

Nice Woman: "I'm ____. Nice to meet you."

She reaches out to shake my hand.

Me: "I'm Emily, great to meet you too."

Nice Woman: "I apologize I haven't brushed my hair."

Me: "Ha, ha. I can totally understand! Don't ask me the last time I took a shower. Ha!"

And we connected. Two moms with newborns. Sleepless nights for about 3 months now. Sponge brains. Clothes not fitting quite right. No time alone. Poop on our shirts. You know how it is.

But in the back of my mind. I did NOT have this thought. When was the last time I showered? No, not me. I would never actually not know when I showered last. Now that's embarrassing.

I know it's tough with 2 kids. Busy weekend with my super fun friend Maury. My husband hasn't had a real day off in about 2 weeks and worked almost every night last week. Lame excuses. I would NOT forget when I showered last. Was it Friday, Thursday,....yikes!

Just call me European, I guess. Dirty is sexy, right? Italians are so beautiful. That's it. Showering is not cool. Maybe I'll continue to not shower. Hahaha. Or, maybe I should go shower right now! (-:


Brookie said...

Funny, Emily. Thanks for sharing. Can I recommend you shower - RIGHT NOW. Today my nose is on overload.

There is a sub in the preschool - who might be European by the smell. And a little girl who seems to have been allowed to go to town with her mom's perfume.

Please get in the shower and no perfume afterward. Soap and deodorant, my friend.

Alex said...

Haha thanks Brookie! PS readers--I've showered!