Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sun Rises Again

It was a good morning!  Glory, glory Hallelujah!

The magic pill has proven effective all night and now today.  Eloise is keeping food down and is sleeping a lot.

You know Eloise (or any kid) is sick when...
1.  She walks away from TV and puts herself to bed.
2.  She doesn't finish a snack in the stroller.
3.  She wants to stay in the stoller and "rest."

But some things stay the same...
1.  After puking everywhere, she is more concerned about her clothes getting dirty than anything else.
2.  She will still alert me when Cordelia "needs mommy's milk."  Always the helper.
3.  She still screams with delight when Dora comes on.  Ahh.  Thank you, Dora.

We were all down and out yesterday.

Even Lambie felt the weight.

Cheer up Lambie!  It's sunny and 45 outside and life is looking up!

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Willa J. Photography said...

You are too funny, Emily! Glad to hear that Eloise is feeling better! We were sorry to miss Alex and skiing today (especially after having driven all the way up there)...what a story that was--it involves a speeding ticket, a cancelled photo shoot, and a desk! I'll have to fill you in tomorrow:) Please tell Alex again that we're sorry. Have a nice evening!