Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skiing Indeed

For all those answering "SKI," you are correct. And all of you who are jealous, I'm so sorry. Don't be jealous of our mid-Atlantic mountains.

It was in fact a beautiful day. And a real family effort. Truth be told, Eloise skied 6 runs, Emily skied 3 runs, and Alex skied 3 as well. There was a day when Alex and I would be utterly disappointed by spending $50 to ski 3 runs. But oh how times have changed. We agreed that the best part of the day was helping Eloise (who LOVED it) and being together (ahhhh).


gwen said...

Sooo Glad you got to go skiing! What do you mean - we shouldn't be jealous of your mid-Atlantic mountains? He!He!
They do far surpass the ski mountains of Texas!

Anonymous said...

Yea, and what about all those Florida mountains? We are having cold without the fun of snow!!

Molly said...

if you let me know next time you go up i can take a train to dc and take care of cordelia in the lodge while the rest of you ski. i don't mind squeezing inbetween baby seats on a drive up to the mountains.

Alex said...

Sold! Molly gets our extra seat next time. There are perks to following and commenting on this blog!