Saturday, February 13, 2010


Anyone out there in this world wide blogosphere live in NYC?

Or, want to go?

Do you ever wonder why Jesus is relevant today, or if he can heal old wounds?

Want to meet others wondering the same thing, thinking deeply, and asking old questions?

Check out the Mockingbird Conference this Spring
....and meet my husband.


Molly said...

is your husband speaking at the conference? And does that mean you don't get to go this year? boo you don't get to go to NYC.

PS I got 3 inches of snow last night, not as much as you or our Dallesite family, but beautiful all the same. And mom and dad haven't had power since Thursday evening. Dad's reading a book. They missed the opening ceremonies. I hope you got to see it.

Alex said...

No my husband isn't speaking. He'll just be attending. And no, I won't be going. So sad but it's just too hard with 2 little girls in tow. Spread the word to your friends.