Saturday, July 31, 2010

For My Mom

Anyone in the crowd know my Mom?

Anyone in the crowd ridden with my Mom in her suburban?

When the economy starts to sputter and the car companies falter, my Mom tells my Dad to go buy her 2 more suburbans.  And I think she's serious.

She absolutely loves her suburban and for good reason.  They're beautiful.  They're powerful.  And most of all, when she needs to transport 2 goats for an African celebration, she can.  She will.  And she does.  (More to that story, I promise.)

This beauty is for you, Mom!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Family: Allen Style, Part 3

And here is my final Michigan installment.  I've written a bit about the fun we had with the Allen clan.  I mean really, what a cool family.  Such loving, interesting, and fun people!

I've posted lots of beautiful photos of beautiful people.  Because those Allens (and I mean Clays, Brabenecs, Larges, and everyone else in that clan too) are some beautiful people.

But I'd like to conclude this portion of the blog with a few words about my first trip to Michigan.  What a pretty state.  The lakes, the tall trees, the sand dunes, the cool summer air and the REALLY long evenings (wouldn't get dark until about 10) were great.  But the SUNSETS and LAKE MICHIGAN were outstanding.  Superb, really.

It's beautiful country up that way.

And without further ado,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family: Allen Style, Part 2

Here is the second installment of wedding photos (scroll down to see the first).  

More to come tomorrow!  


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family: Allen Style

You've thought you've seen my whole family in all those Colorado photos, didn't you?  Remember all these and these?  Remember how beautiful my family looked in the stunning Rocky Mountains?

Yes, I'm sure you do.  (If you don't, you haven't been paying enough attention. :-)

Well, you've seen nothing yet.

Meet the Allen clan.

((Top) Chris, Brent, Rae, Alia, Alex, (Front) Scott, Emily, Veronica, Galyn, Joe, and Maggie.)

All of Alex's cousins on his mother's side, "The Allens."  What a handsome bunch.

Not to mention how neat it was to have them altogether.  I'm not sure all my cousins have ever been all together in one room before--maybe once or twice.  Rare and neat.

And two more with all the significants in the mix.  Here we are doing our best "T-Rex" impersonations.  Amazing, huh?

And the fabulous occasion for this gathering was Emily and Jeff's wedding.  Aren't they beautiful!?

It was a fabulous family weekend.  Michigan is a beautiful state, but Emily was more beautiful.  She was the perfect bride.

Congratulations Emily and Jeff!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Faces

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is Purple.  I just shot this one today at the beach.  What a cute hat.  What an even cuter daughter.  :-)  (I'm her mom.  I get to say things like that!)

Parenthood Part 3

"Let me take your picture."

"That'd be great.  We hardly have a picture of just the two of us.  Thanks!"

And take 5 is the charm.  :-)

(But I still wouldn't trade this parenthood thing for the world.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parenthood Part 2

Leaving the party before sunset.

Special late night DVD treats in the car.

In bed with your kids before 10:30 while everyone is at that "after-party."

Waking up the next day to do it again.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Life with kids at a party.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And to conclude

In case you're not sick of my Colorado photos yet, here are some more.  If you are sick of them, I DON'T blame you.

I've spent lots of time looking them over.  Choosing the best.  Editing them.  And then, last night, while watching "Teen Mom" on MTV, I made some photo books on iphoto.  Have you ever made one?  If not, you must.  They are easy, affordable, and a great way to keep all your vacation memories in one place.

The plan is to send one to all my family so they can have one too.  Aren't I nice?

It's really been fun to do.  It gives me a creative outlet that I've been missing for so many years.  And it keeps me "in the classroom" learning, which my brain really needs.  I swear with each push in labor and delivery, I kill a million brain cells.  They are just not there anymore.

Oh, and yes, I was watching "Teen Mom" last night.  And I cried.  Remember my tears when watching "16 and Pregnant?"  (Click here to learn why it's so beautiful.) There are so many emotions wrapped up in that show that I can completely relate to.  I may be 28.  And I was only "25 and Pregnant" but pregnant is pregnant.  And parenthood is parenthood.  It's the great equalizer no matter how old you are.  When you are in the hospital with contractions shooting through you, it doesn't matter how young or old or rich or poor you are, you are the same.

So I cried and cried watching the show and made my photo book.  Here's the last of my photos to share.

Enjoy, (or don't if you're sick of them.  I completely understand. :-)

And aren't you lucky?  I even snuck one in of myself.  Gasp!  Alex grabbed the camera and took some of me.  Which was so nice.  :-)