Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And to conclude

In case you're not sick of my Colorado photos yet, here are some more.  If you are sick of them, I DON'T blame you.

I've spent lots of time looking them over.  Choosing the best.  Editing them.  And then, last night, while watching "Teen Mom" on MTV, I made some photo books on iphoto.  Have you ever made one?  If not, you must.  They are easy, affordable, and a great way to keep all your vacation memories in one place.

The plan is to send one to all my family so they can have one too.  Aren't I nice?

It's really been fun to do.  It gives me a creative outlet that I've been missing for so many years.  And it keeps me "in the classroom" learning, which my brain really needs.  I swear with each push in labor and delivery, I kill a million brain cells.  They are just not there anymore.

Oh, and yes, I was watching "Teen Mom" last night.  And I cried.  Remember my tears when watching "16 and Pregnant?"  (Click here to learn why it's so beautiful.) There are so many emotions wrapped up in that show that I can completely relate to.  I may be 28.  And I was only "25 and Pregnant" but pregnant is pregnant.  And parenthood is parenthood.  It's the great equalizer no matter how old you are.  When you are in the hospital with contractions shooting through you, it doesn't matter how young or old or rich or poor you are, you are the same.

So I cried and cried watching the show and made my photo book.  Here's the last of my photos to share.

Enjoy, (or don't if you're sick of them.  I completely understand. :-)

And aren't you lucky?  I even snuck one in of myself.  Gasp!  Alex grabbed the camera and took some of me.  Which was so nice.  :-)


ML Welz said...

Never, never, never get sick of beautiful pictures from out west :) and I too, watched Teen Mom last night haha

Anonymous said...

I love them all! I love Eloise's hand in the one with Aunt Molly. And it's always great to see your beautiful face. :)

Molly said...

yay photo album! i've never made one, but have wanted to. i'll have to see how your experience goes then get to try it out myself i suppose.

and i watched teen mom, too. i always watch teen mom! each girls' story is so unique and beautiful in it's own way. have you seen baby high? i'm not sure if it was an mtv special or if it will be a recurring show, but i saw it and for a few moments it made me want to change student populations. who knows.

Brooke said...

I don't even know you and I enjoy looking at your photos and reading your blogs! That may have sounded creepy...sorry. :) You have definitely adapted a gift for capturing beauty around you, including yourself.
-Brooke Koroknay
I promise I'm not weird. :)

Walker said...

Emily, I love your pictures! It's so amazing how your family continues to grow and grow.

catherine said...

Love the pictures. I am glad to see I am not the only one wrapped up in Teen Mom and 16& pregnant

Anonymous said...

Cordellia has the most AMAZING blue eyes!!!

I love your photos, Emily, and love that I'm "25 and Pregnant", and will soon know what you mean... We could start our own show! jk... Sending you love! :)

Molly said...

the pic of cordelia and annie makes me think of all those pics of matt and bill in the recliner at mema's house. just a thought!

Brookie said...

Love these pictures, Emily. I'm SOOO far behind my blog world news, but I'm excited to get caught up on your world once my travels have ended. Have fun in Michigan, it should be beautiful this time of year.