Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colorado, My Love

Question:  Can I wear workout clothes everyday if I don't workout?

At the baby store yesterday, there was a new mom in the check-out in front of me.  She was wearing running clothes and had obviously been working out that morning.  I, too, was wearing running clothes but hadn't worked out.  So in my mind, I pretended I had been jogging.  I had to justify to myself that I can wear workout clothes even if I don't workout.

The mental leaps I take to make myself feel better is amazing.

Like writing this post.

Here is what I should be doing: I should be cleaning the waffle iron.  Or, putting away all my stuff from our epic Target trip yesterday.  Or, doing our vacation laundry that is piling up quickly.

Instead, I'm blogging because I'm mildly majorly addicted to it.

So here I go.

The Wild West is Wild.  You never know what the mountain weather and terrain will bring.  The people are a little crazier than the average population.  Then, throw in an entire family with 6 children 3 years and younger, and it's certifiably crazy.

We barely made it back alive.

Phew.  That's a lot of photos.  (And there are more...)

Do you have a favorite?


gwen said...
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gwen said...

OMG, Emily! These photos are unbelievable! Couldn't choose a fave if I had to!
... maybe a least fave-hehe.

Anonymous said...

I love them ALL! The nature shots are breathtaking and the one with the girls in the pink helmets...adorable. Looks like y'all had a quite a time in Colorado. :)

p.s. I work from home and wear workout clothes almost everyday!

Anonymous said...

So darling, Emily! Hahaha I love your anecdote about wearing workout clothes ;) giggle. You make me smile.

I love all the photos... Not sure which photo would be my fave, but I really like the one of Alex holding onto Eloise as she reaches into the water. It makes me think of the delicate balance of parenthood - allowing your daughter to reach out into the unknown, the depths, and yet holding on just enough for her to not be too scared, or in danger. Very sweet :)

Love yall!

Willa J. said...

How beautiful, Emily! What a fun collection of photographs. I really get a sense of your vacation from them:). I love them all, but my favorite is definitely the one of the little girl on the trail with the others in the faded background--gorgeous. It so poignantly captures the moment.

Brooke said...

#2 is probably my favorite....LOVE close ups of adorable faces like that. Nature scenes are gorgeous! As far as wearing the workout clothes, you ARE working out while trying to keep up with your children. So your wardrobe is justified. :)

Molly said...

Annie wins. And the herd of elk at the top of trail ridge a close second. With dad in at 3rd.

Alex said...

Thanks for the input, all.
Brooke, I too love close-ups. That is one of my favorites as well. And yes, parenting is a workout. I'm hot and sweaty today and we never even left the house.

It's also fun to photograph beautiful people and beautiful places. In my opinion, my subjects were the best around.

stacyberry said...

I can't believe we ran into you in Vail. What a wonderful surprise:) I hope you all had a great visit and trip home. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures and I love the close up of Corelia. So sweet. Blessings and love!