Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I've heard "once you go manual, you'll never go back."  But I've been afraid of shooting manually because how in the world do you get all the knobs in the right place in time to take the shot?  I'm just not that fast.  Seems too hard.

But I'm giving it a try this week. I'm practicing and practicing my knob moves and meter reads and we'll see how the week ends.

I've recently come across this cool blog, Sailor and Company.  I found her link from MckMama's.  She hosts a photo challenge each week of unedited photos.  I love that concept!

I'm all about life unedited, so why not be for photos unedited?  Well let me tell you, it is hard to post a photo unedited.  Can't I at least crop it?  Do something to spruce it up?  Nope!  And that's the point.  Come as you are.

So here's my first stab at it.  Raw(e).  Unedited.  (yikes!)

"Summer."  Shot Manually.  (double yikes!)


SF Larges said...

Nice shot!

catherine said...

I love Sailor and Company's page. I love the picture

Anonymous said...

beautiful shot!