Friday, July 2, 2010

Change is coming

It's Friday night and we are plopped down in front of the Smithsonian Channel at 9:17pm.  Awesome, right!?  :-)  Alex has a red glass of wine.  I have my computer.  What more could I really want, right?

Some days I feel sad that I'm not out on the town on a Friday night, but on nights like tonight, there's no other place I'd rather be.  Because I'm whooped!

It's been a full day involving a new bike, lots of riding of the new bike, and a great night swimming with our friends.  Summer at its best, really.

And something monumental happened today.  Something that hasn't happened since the 7th grade, or probably before.  Because as I'm sure my sister will remind us (her memory is so much better than mine, and her mind even sharper.  In fact I thought I was hearing voices the other day.  I was getting really spooked because I really thought that this might be it.  I was officially losing my mind.  Until Alex noted that my neighbor who works from home had his window open.  He must have been on speaker phone and every once and a while the random voices would work their way into my house.  Phew!  Imaginary voices were explained.)

Anyway, as my sister will remind us, this wallet was her's to start with.  So who knows when the last time I bought a new wallet was.  Some time a long long time ago.

Today is my new dawn.

Here she is.

Goodbye, my oldie goldie.  You have loyally served me.  I will love you forever.

And my new dawn #2.

Cordelia is cruising.

Dear Cordelia, please stop this.  You are entirely too young for this behavior.  Thank you, Mom.


Molly said...

After such a lead up, I must respond! I do believe that is the SAK wallet from Cotten Island circa middle school. It could be I didn't get it until the 6th or 7th grade, so it just might not be as old as you fear. Love the new wallet, though. Very sleak, fun,a nd practical.

So is Cordelia just pulling herself up? Cruising around while holding onto things? Or has she embarked in the wild blue yonder of going it alone. I thought we might get to see Josie's first steps in the next few weeks, but maybe Cordelia will beat her to the punch!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT Friday night to me!

(And I love that your sister just referenced Cotton Island. I was obsessed with that store in high school... now it's all too small & expensive for me, lol.)

Alex said...

Oh no, no free steps yet. Just scooting the length of the couch while holing on, those types of things. I think we have a while before actual steps, but it'll definitely ben sooner than I want!

And yes, Heather, Cotton Island was a favorite place of our's. Now I frequent JD's Chippery, their next door neighbor, much more often. :-)