Saturday, July 31, 2010

For My Mom

Anyone in the crowd know my Mom?

Anyone in the crowd ridden with my Mom in her suburban?

When the economy starts to sputter and the car companies falter, my Mom tells my Dad to go buy her 2 more suburbans.  And I think she's serious.

She absolutely loves her suburban and for good reason.  They're beautiful.  They're powerful.  And most of all, when she needs to transport 2 goats for an African celebration, she can.  She will.  And she does.  (More to that story, I promise.)

This beauty is for you, Mom!


gwen said...

I looove it! Can't believe anyone would actually sell that beautiful car!

Molly said...

Can you believe mom ever had a station wagon?! Way too low to the ground. Clearly could get trampled by other cars on the road

Dorry said...

I love this! Remember when we all shared an alley? Seems like a different lifetime. :)