Friday, July 30, 2010

Family: Allen Style, Part 3

And here is my final Michigan installment.  I've written a bit about the fun we had with the Allen clan.  I mean really, what a cool family.  Such loving, interesting, and fun people!

I've posted lots of beautiful photos of beautiful people.  Because those Allens (and I mean Clays, Brabenecs, Larges, and everyone else in that clan too) are some beautiful people.

But I'd like to conclude this portion of the blog with a few words about my first trip to Michigan.  What a pretty state.  The lakes, the tall trees, the sand dunes, the cool summer air and the REALLY long evenings (wouldn't get dark until about 10) were great.  But the SUNSETS and LAKE MICHIGAN were outstanding.  Superb, really.

It's beautiful country up that way.

And without further ado,


Brookie said...

Hey Emily -
Where was the wedding in Michigan? I somehow pictured you'd be on the east side of the state, but right on Lake Michigan - that's my stomping ground. I grew up in a southern suburb of Muskegon. Where was the wedding?
- B

Alex said...

The wedding was in Howell. And we stayed in Brighton for the first part of the week. Then we headed west to New Buffalo, which was on Lake Michigan. It was so nice!