Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Blog

I'm not sure what my future holds as a personal blogger.  All the time I used to devote to our beloved Large Story is now being spent on my new photography venture.  I'm booking sessions, editing photos, adding and editing my website, ordering business cards, looking into tax requirements, etc.  It's taking all my free time.

My once over photographed children are now under photographed.  I didn't even post a Happy Birthday post to Alex.  And I haven't even looked at all our RV photos yet.  Instead I'm oohing and awing over this beautiful family with 5 children from Tuesday night and the little newborn I met in the hospital on Wednesday morning.  I'm slacking on the personal blog front and that's just the way it's going to be for now.

I'm pleased as punch with my creative venture and as soon as I complete my new photo blog I hope you'll follow me there as well.  But don't worry, Mom, the Large Story will remain, it'll just move more slowly.

And now I will tell you how important it is to know how to use the self timer on your camera.  It's very important.  And, eating smores on an RV trip is crucial.  There's no right way to eat them, just do it.  Every night.

Will we go RVing again?  Absolutely.  We loved it.  We were gone for 4 days, 3 nights and that was a wonderful amount of time.  I should have brought a broom though.  We never used the potty in the RV.  I wish I had been more organized.  We loved Topsail Beach and can't wait to get to the beach again soon.  Raleigh is an awesome city but seeing Aunt Molly was even better.

Do we recommend it?  Yes.

Next up: Beach photos and Eloise's recital.  So cute!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An RV art show

We are home from a quick RV trip to see my sister in NC.

It was awesome.  

There's not more to say than that.  We loved the adventure of driving out of the crowded city in a tacky Cruise USA RV, the nature and beauty that the campsite offered, the flexibility, the coziness.  Alex said he felt thousands of miles away from the office.  We've come home refreshed.

I have lots of details to fill you in on--our beach day and Eloise's ballet recital in particular.  But I can't get to everything tonight because we have a house guest.  My close from the big D is here and that time is precious.

So I'll post a few photos from the art exhibit we experience.  It's a luminary created by "Architect of Air."  So very cool.  If you have a chance, go visit your sister in Raleigh and then go to this art show.

These photos are unedited so that you can get the full effect of what we were feeling.  Look at the photos, imagine the natural colors from the sun, the cool air against our skin, and then play some groovy music in your mind. That is how it felt.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Family Photo Shoot

Nothing is getting accomplished tonight except going through these beautiful photos--laundry to be washed, dishes sitting out, toys strewn around me.  I usually care about these things (well, sort of care about these things) but after a photo shoot I have to get to work.  I have to see what I treasures I got!

And this family is a real treasure to us.  In seminary, they were members of our dinner club, no wait, there were rules, right?  The first rule was "there is no dinner club..."  So never mind about that.  :-)

So long time friends, a fellow clergy family, a stylish mom who is a mama extraordinaire, and 5 lively little ones running around.  I loved coming out to see you guys tonight!  Thanks so much for your friendship, encouragement, and love.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Surprise, girls!  The school inspector didn't think the trampoline was such a good idea, so guess who gets to enjoy it now?  There are some great perks to having your dad be the pastor.  A free trampoline (score!) and a leftover church lasagna (double score!) in one night?!  Thank you very much, we love it.

Here we are at 7:30am this morning, jumping and playing on the back deck in blissful 50 degree weather while Alex and I sip our warm coffee.  I love Spring time.  

And I hope they never get tired of our new tramp.  (And never stop wearing all pink.)

The fairytale day came to a screeching halt for Eloise.  Cordelia had to go to the doctor and get 2 shots.  It hurt her but it hurt Eloise even more.  The sweet girl's empathy is enormous.  Stage crying will be a cinch for this little lady.  I know her spot in Les Miserables is sealed.

But home we came from the doctor.  We made a pitstop in the front yard.  Picked some dandelions.  Watered our new bushes (thank you to our neighbor who gave us 4 of his azaleas) and our vegetable garden (tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, basil, and "fairy flowers").

And then through the house to the back porch to jump some more.  

Thank you Mr. Preschool Inspector man!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Family Photo Shoot

Happy Mother's Day to my good friend and mother to these beautiful children.  She's been my friend from Bible study for several years.  She's faithful, thoughtful, and has a shabby chic style that's perfect.  (Can you come help decorate my home?)

Here are her little ones from tonight.  They are loads of fun and full of life!  A set of twins and a little sister following, or leading . . .  I think the baby is leading the way.  :-)

Thanks to you all for a fun evening.  And again, Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Cheerleaders.

I just wanted to share something else I've been working on.  She's a doll!

I also want to thank everyone who has been cheering me on in my new endeavor as a photographer.  Without your words of encouragement, I wouldn't have the confidence to keep moving towards my goal.  I've been dreaming a lot about my high school days.  I've been dreaming about cheerleading try outs. About the courage it took to tumble across the gym floor in front of my school and have them vote for me.  And I've been drawing upon that same well of courage in the last month or so, and my well is full because of all your love and support.

So, thank you.  And also, thank you to my sweet adorable models.

But don't be shy friends, if you have any pointers/critiques/a thumbs up or thumbs down to let me know.  I know I have some very artistically creative people reading this blog (especially Alex's family.  good gracious you guys are artistically talented.  my family is pretty talented too...when it comes to dancing...)!

If you phrase it nicely, I'll accepted it fully.  :-)  And it'll improve me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Heart Faces

This super sweet little girl in from Saturday's photo shoot.  It's one of my favorites and thought it fit the "soft and sweet" theme at I Heart Faces perfectly.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Family Photo Shoot

We had the perfect day for family photos.  A warm sunny afternoon with a beautiful family perfectly dressed.  The little girls were so proud of their new high heel shoes.

Unfortunately, I think the shoes left scuffed and their dresses a little dusty because these girls were all action.  All the children were all action--running, climbing, posing--they did it all.

Unlike most of my past photo shoots, I did not know this family previously.  We have a mutual friend that put us in contact, and I'm so she glad she did.  What a fun family.  And the parents are the perfect mix of loving gentleness and athletic courage.  (Every child was high in a tree at some point!)

It was fun.  Thanks again for the opportunity to capture your gorgeous family!  Enjoy.