Wednesday, February 10, 2010

End of an Era

Today is an end of an era. A 30 day era. My Lightroom trial has ended. It was a fun run while it lasted. And, the free trial worked. I will probably buy it.

But not until I try Aperture 3's free trial. Yes! My sweet techie hubby found that Apple's new Aperture is also offering a free trial. He signed me up this morning. Thanks, babe!

I will have to compare the two.

In other news, I'm buying the Canon T1 as soon as I can shovel my way to the store. I CAN'T wait to get a DSLR. You all will love my new and improved photography as well. So, you're welcome.

And finally, still waiting on my Gayle Haggard book. Sorry it's taking so long. No mail has come or gone from this house since Friday, and I suspect we won't see anything until this Friday or maybe Saturday. Everything is closed. There's no way to navigate the streets at this point

UNLESS you are my WSJ delivery man (or woman, yes probably a woman). Yes, we receive not 1 but 2 WallStreetJournals everyday. And they have arrived on time (5am--Cordelia get hungry right around then) every morning. WOWZERS! You go girl (or boy)!

Now off to prepare for our potluck tonight.

(Alex visiting Eloise in her princess castle.)


catherine said...

I wish I knew how to use my Cannon XSi camera better. I hope the snow lets up so you can get your new camera to play with. I hope all is well and your girls are precious.

Molly said...

how did you decide on the cannon? mom's been sending me info about camera's since before Christmas and i haven't had time to read them all and decide. sigh.
i wish i could be inside eloise's princess castley.

ps your blog is my new favorite past time. i appreciate the frequent updates. :)

Mel said...

Have you ever heard of GIMP? It's a free, open source, image editing program with similar capabilities of photoshop. It's for great for simple editing or advanced stuff. There are lots of plug-ins for batch editing, water-marking, etc.
You can see some examples of how i've edited using it at

I've figured out how to do live, online web tutorials with it. Contact me if you're interested in joining us for one.

Alex said...

Catherine--Thanks! Get out your manual. That's how my recent interest in photography began. Learning more about my current camera and improving my photos. It became addictive.

Molly- The canon was recommended by some sites that I respect. It's a great company, and then just decided. Don't over think it. At some point you've got to decide and go with it.

Mel-Great tip! I'm going to check GIMP out. Thanks!!


Caroline said...

I use Gimp too - it's brilliant when you get the hang of it. But did you know that you can get LR3 on beta test for FREE until April - I'm addicted!! :D