Thursday, February 11, 2010


See all those tracks? Those are the tracks of merry potluck goers from last night. What fun was had. Neighbors coming together. Sharing stories from winters past and tips on ice dam fixes. Giving thanks we did not lose power or a roof. And carb loading for all the shoveling there is yet to do.

I think we might have lost a tree in the back.

Our grill.

There's a car under there. Can you see it?

Our incredible delivery woman (or man) on time again. Incredible.

Our walk tunnel.

The yard stick says 25 inches. But it's completely inaccurate. Here's the correct info: Storm #1--over 2 feet. Storm #2--over 1 foot. For all you math types, that's over 36 inches total.

Little Polar Bear


Lolli said...

Yep, looks just like my house! :) I love the idea of having a neighborhood potluck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an incredible amount of snow!