Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is here again. (Is it really Monday?) And I can't think of much to say. No, I'm NOT unaware of any silly, embarrassing, or inappropriate things I've done this week. I'm NOT so brain dead that I can't even remember my week. Nor am I'm too prideful to share any "not me"s with you. No, not me.

I did NOT unearth this car to drive to Dunkin Donuts after "Snowmagedan." I'm not that insane for donuts, not me!

I was NOT really sad at the prospect of canceling Eloise's party. I'm sure Eloise would have been happy with alternative birthday plans, but I wasn't! I do NOT get too emotionally involved in a 3 yr old party.

I was NOT really happy to go snowshoeing with Alex alone. I did NOT lose track of time and return to a hungry, fussy baby. (And would do it again because it was so much fun.)

And, I'm NOT sitting here in my pajama pants, not remembering when I showered last. HA! Remember this?


Molly said...

gigi and grandad are there to help... this gives you the necessary time to shower, so hurry up before they leave!

catherine said...

I look forward to reading this on Monday. It makes my day and reminds me I am not the only one.

Jenny said...

pjs is a good thing on a monday... we did happen to get the snow too and dug it out just so we could venture out for coffee...

your daughter is super cute...happy 3rd birthday!

thanks for letting us visit.

Alex said...

Thanks Catherine for you kind words. And that is the point, we aren't the only ones.

PS. I showered. I love showering. It's more than just cleaning, it's heat therapy! (-: