Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day!

Well, do you like my new blog design?  I have the give my self some pats on the back.  Pat, pat.  I have researched and learned and downloaded and learned some more about HTMLs, blogging, image editing, and more.  Good job, me!

And, I'm doing this all in the dark!  I told you I could juggle and stand on my head.  :-)

No, the power is not out.  (It did go out for a little today but praise the good Lord it has returned.)

I'm sitting in the dark because we have a very sick child.  Eloise has been puking on the hour, every hour.  I kid you not.  She's sleeping now on the couch, and we don't want to leave her or disturb her.  Perfect time to update my blog, don't you think?

We're praying for the little girl.  And the doctor called in a prescription that will help her stop puking.  I didn't know they had such a drug.  Where have they been keeping this secret?  Although, they were reluctant to give it to her.  They wanted to make sure she was REALLY sick first....makes you wonder.  Well, we wondered, then we gave it to her, and she hasn't puked in almost 4 hours.  Maybe it's working!

Needless to say, it's been a day.  And tomorrow will be one too.  Come to think of it, it's been 3 days already.  This darn virus is a meanie.

I hope you enjoy my new layout.  I'm always tinkering with it, so who know what will come next.  But for now, I'm happy.

Good night!


gwen said...

I like the new Blog Design, Em. But I'm soo sad about Eloise! I hope she gets better soon and you are able to get liquids down her at least. We'll be praying that Eloise gets well and the rest of y'all don't get sick!

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Blog looks great. I am praying for your sweet Eloise and that Cordelia is spared. I am so glad the medicine seems to be helping her. There is nothing worse than having a sick child in a pitiful state and feeling totally helpless. Praying for rest for all of you!


catherine said...

Love the new layout. I need to learn about this and keep a blog just haven't found the time yet. Sorry that Eloise is sick and hope she gets better. I had never heard of the medicine either until my sister's ped. gave it to her for her daughter but like you said they really want to make sure they are sick and my ped. said when I asked him about it that he doesn't like to give it out unless it has been an all day or night (12hours) thing.

ML Welz said...

what program or site did u use for your blog header? im sorry about your daugther- hopefully it was phenergan that they prescribed- it works! poor little thing- ill be praying for you all!

Alex said...

Thanks, friends, for all your prayer and support! She's doing so much better this morning. And no puking since that magic pill.

It's "Ondansetron ODT." ML Welz, are you familiar with that? Why are they reluctant to give it to her? (Maybe I don't want to know....)

Catherine, blogging is great fun. I think of it as a digital scrapbook. You can do as little or as much as you want with it.

MLWelz, the banner came from There are other sites that offer free backgrounds and banners and buttons and such. Then I used a free online photo editing program called fotoflex to put the writing in my banner. It's so rewarding when I figure this all out!

Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

We are hoping that this morning finds Eloise on the mend. What a miserable illness for both the child and parents! Give the girls kisses for us and we pray for Eloise's speedy recovery...btw the blog looks great.

ML Welz said...

I'm not sure why they were reluctant to give her the ondansetron (aka zofran). It is what is prescibed to pregnant women for nausea and completely safe. I'm glad they prescribed and it is working :) thanks for the info on your new design- im definitely going to have to play around with it a bit :)

My life so far said...

Yes, they do have meds to make you stop throwing up and they are great. I have had to have them a couple of times myself. About a month ago I got some stomach thing and let me tell you those drugs are amazing.

Love the new layout.