Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Review, Part 2

And Christmas may officially be over now.

1.  Because Maggie, Alex's sister, and her husband Tim had their little baby!  On the 26th, little Max was born.  The perfect Christmas gift.  It sounds like everything went according to plan and little Max, Mom, and Dad are all well.  Resting at home.  The little Christmas miracle.

2.  The last of the celebrations ended yesterday with my family.  Cousin time, yummy food (Texas sheet cake and Irish coffee...yes please!), and of course, of course more presents.  Yee Haw.

3.  We are headed to the mall today to pick-up the clearance specials.  It's over, people.  And we hope to find lots of cute cheap things.

4.  Everyone is sick.  My sister has strep throat.  My niece has no voice.  The Large clan all have colds.  This always happens.  So much fun, so much exhaustion, so much sickness.

And we've got the photos to prove it.


Willa J. said...

Hope your sister feels better soon! Such beautiful pictures, Emily. Isn't that lens awesome? It can do so much with low-light! Have you even taken it off your camera??

Ginny said...

What beautiful pictures - and imagine that Cordelia is playing the piano. Maybe one day she will play like Pappa used to!!

Dorry said...

Oh I LOVE seeing all those pics of the family and your sweet parents! Hope you find some good deals today. Billy and I braved the mall yesterday for some returns.

Hope January brings health and happiness to your family. xo

Alex and Emily said...

I love the lens. Oh yes, I love the lens. I have hardly taken it off my camera. However, I do miss the wider angles my other lens will give me. I love getting an entire scene.

C does love to bang on the piano. And no, no really good deals today, but we did get what we needed so mission accomplished.

Amy and Jimmy Crain said...

Great pictures and beautiful lighting! I'm glad you guys were able to make it to Dallas :)

babyschneider said...

What fantastic photos, Emily! :) I love the cake and your picture of the ornament (with the reflection of you and the family in the background - very cool).. so glad you all had such a great, albeit sick, Christmas!!

Congrats on your little nephew! :)