Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo diary of my day











9:00 Bundling up for school and errands.

10:00 Alex and I take Cordelia to Toys R Us.  She promises not to tell Eloise what we bought for Christmas.

11:00 Can you guess what store we wandered to next?  Alex saved me from making a $128 purchase on something I don't need but really want.  At the time $128 didn't seem too high.

12:00 I steal away to the nursery to return emails.  I'm the preschool pageant chair which is a very important job.  I've got lots to do.

1:00 Hot chocolate snack.  Snack is always more fun when Daddy is in the kitchen.

2:00 Alex suiting up for work.

3:00 Christmas cookies.  How many batches will we make this year?  Dec. 3 = first batch.

4:00 Playing with our buddy.  I'm doing my best to catch the sun burst coming through my window.  About 5 minutes after this shot, the sun was down behind my neighbors house and it instantly got colder in the house.

5:00 Already dark.  Out to walk Riley, our favorite neighborhood dog.  Eloise held the flashlight.

6:00 Things start going down hill.  Kids tv, eating leftovers, waiting for Alex to come home.

7:00, 8:00, 9:00 Done with the day.  Working hard to get girls to sleep.  Lots of sprinkles to clean up.  This fire is a lot more peaceful to look at than the reality of the situation.  So I'll leave this post with the fire.  It's so calming, isn't it?

I'm tired.  Good Night.


Molly said...

anthropologie? jcrew?

gwen said...

So fun to see your day, Emily. I wanna know, too, what store you wandered into and what it was that you wanted! Was it a clock?

Alex and Emily said...

anthropologie it was! of course. i love everything about that store.

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Great pics! Cordelia looks like such a big girl in the 1st picture. I continue to refer to Nash as a baby and he really isn't any more [sigh]! I knew the clocks had to be from Anthro. Paul too kept me from purchasing one online a couple of years ago. I was determined to have one for some reason but alas I have no cuckoo adorning my d.r. wall.:)