Wednesday, December 1, 2010

True Love 3

This is the conversation I had with Eloise on the car ride home from school.

Me: What did you do at school today?
Elo:  I haven't decided yet.
Me:  You mean you don't remember?
Elo:  No, I haven't decided yet.
Me:  Did you see Daddy at chapel?
Elo:  Yes!  He gave me a big hug.  And Lambie (the puppet) was there.  Lambie found my bow.  It had falled to the ground and broke.
Me:  Cool!  Who did you play with today?
Elo:  I haven't decided yet.
Me:  Did you play with the new student Addie?
Elo:  Yes, she had a black dress with diamonds on it.
Me: Wow, that sounds fancy.
Elo:  I didn't look at her face, just her dress.
Me: That's interesting.
Elo: But she didn't look at my face either.
Me: Ok.

A peak inside our little wonder Eloise.

Her teachers say she is the best artist in the school.  That I can believe.  Her mind is full of artistic detail and color.  She won't recall anything about an event except for what people wore.  She doesn't know the names of the other girls in her ballet class but can describe their leotards perfectly.  She is moved immensely by classical music.  She hates "Mommy's music," usually the pop or contemporary Christian radio station in the car.  But when I switch it to the classical station, she is calm and dreamy.  We listen to the Nutcracker a lot.  She can describe the different movements and sing them.  So, I believe her teachers when they say she is a talented artist.

They told me today that she is the most polite in her class.

Now I find that very difficult to believe.


gwen said...

I can believe Eloise is very polite! (Maybe just not at home - he he) She's a very talented little girl; that's for sure!

Dorry said...

I love that conversation - thank you for sharing! It will be cool to see what Eloise does in life with her artistic abilities. I bet her teachers love her!

Brookie said...

Very Cute. Thanks for sharing.