Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pink Snow Grace

Today it snowed.

It was beautiful, calm, and quiet.  I think that's what I love most about the snow.  It absorbs the outside world.

There's a magical stillness that comes with snow.

And I like that for a while.  But I also love the fun that it brings.  Being outside when it's cold stinks.  It's just cold.  But being outside when it's cold and snowy is fun.  

So we suited up and headed out to play.

Eloise worked hard.  She tugged and pulled and really leaned into the hill.  And I just sat there taking photographs.  

It was worth it though, because when we hit the downhill, both girls laughed hysterically.

Have you ever seen so much pink in the snow?  I mean really.  I think all this pink is making me sick.  I wish I had taken a photo of myself.  I was wearing my black ski pants and my black coat with a blue/green hat.  I'm cool and hip like that.  

Eloise gave us some early Christmas gifts.

They are pink too.

I am still worried that Eloise won't put on her blue Mary costume tomorrow morning because it's blue AND if anyone calls it a robe instead of "a dress" I know she won't put it on.  She informed me today that Mary wears "a dress not a rope."

"You mean a roBe, sweetie."

"No Mom, Mary wears a Dress!"

"Yes, sweetie, a dress."

The pageant is going to be adorable and I won't take a single photo at it.  I'll be kneeling at the front of the aisle coaxing the cows, sheep, stars, shepherds, etc to come down the aisle.  Alex will be narrating.  And Cordelia, well, she'll be giving my left bicep a workout as I try to hold her and kneel and coax the children down the aisle.  I don't think she'll sit with anyone else while she watches her mom, dad, and sister up in front of the church.

Oh, yes, we'll all be in front of the church tomorrow.  We better get used to it, I guess, because this is the way it's going to be, for a while at least, until the girls are teenagers and refuse to enter the church building at all.  

Anyway, this post was really about snow and pink and playing.  And by the grace of God, my girls will love coming to church when they are teenagers.


Willa J. said...

Your photography is getting better and better, Emily! And the best part is that it is so inspired. I feel like I've lost a bit of my inspiration, but your work is so fresh and beautiful.

I think that, as long as you find joy in church, your girls will want to be there as well. I always remember loving the church, even when it felt like we never left! And I think it was due to the joy we found there...and, of course, God's sovereign grace!

Kathleen said...

So sweet. I really wish you could just get one picture of Eloise tomorrow in her "blue rope", Emily! I know it will be absolutely precious.

Molly said...

wish i could be there to hold cordelia and take pictures!

Anonymous said...

I I love you, Emily :) Well said - and what wonderful images.

Indeed, you are quite cool ;)

Wish we could be there to see the pageant! xoxo

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Great post Emily. I loved what you said about the snow "absorbing the outside world." Great description. I am missing Massachusetts right now and how beautiful it is in winter. I look forward to hearing about the pagaent. I know it will be so sweet. I'll pray all goes smoothly and that Eloise will don her 'rope' sans drama, so funny!

Dorry said...

I love that I find myself smiling when I'm reading your posts. Great pics - the pink overload is hilarious. I was just thinking, "Look at all that pink!" right before you mentioned it. My nieces love pink, too. And purple. So girlie. Good luck with everything tomorrow at the pageant. The theatrical Large family presentation. I'm with Molly - wish I could be there, too.

Dorry said...

p.s. We received your Christmas card today - THANK YOU!! It brought us Christmas joy.

Brookie said...

Great post, Em.
I love Eloise's comments about Mary's dress.