Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Wreath

My wreath arrived in a very large box today.  It came all the way from the Pacific Northwest.

My dear friend Kierstin made it just for me.  And it's the most lovely thing I've ever seen.

I have lots of very smart friends.  But I think Kierstin might be the brightest of all.  

I lived with her for a summer in college when we both stayed in the small town of Lexington to work and enjoy the community together.  Lexington, Virginia is a very special place.

And that summer, Kierstin researched in the chemistry lab.  She had me convinced that she was not smart, a terrible researcher, and maybe even made poor grades.  Kierstin would come home from the lab and tell me all the things she did wrong.  And then, she was accepted to the Phd program at Stanford.  

She tricked me!  She's not just a little smart, she's really really smart.

So not everyone knows she's smart.  But everyone does know her deep joy because it oozes out of her in every interaction she has.  Her big smile, positive outlook, and thoughtfulness is unmatched.  The love of Jesus Christ bubbles up in her for everyone to see and feel.

She's a whiz in the kitchen.  That summer I enjoyed homemade scones and muffins and breads.  I had never had homemade scones and muffins and breads.  Amazing.

And she's a survivor.  When faced with a battle, she lays her fear aside, clings to her cross, and marches straight on.  A strong woman with conviction and courage and grit.  She's a hero to many.  A woman to be greatly admired.

And now, Kierstin is my wreath-maker.

Thank you, Kierstin, it's incredible.  And so are you.

Happy Advent Season!


Willa J. said...

Kierstin sounds like an incredibly talented and godly person, and a wonderful friend. Her wreath certainly is BEAUTIFUL!! Happy Advent to you, Emily:).

Dorry said...

That's lovely! I want to know Kierstin. :) The wreath is beautiful and I love your stockings, too!

Lauren said...

Ditto the ode to Kierstin!!! She's one very very dear and special friend. And I love the wreath! I actually heard whisperings about it during the creation process and am thrilled to see the final result. =)