Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Review

Elation was mixed with pure exhaustion and we enjoyed a wonderfully lazy day.

We started the day with sweet rolls from a can, bacon, and coffee.  Lunch was peanut butter sandwiches and dinner was frozen pizza with a chocolate birthday cake for Jesus.  Needless to say, I am finished with the kitchen.  We are on the outs.  Only leftovers or frozen, thank you very much.

We watched the snow and Swan Lake.

We talked with the family online.  4 Large families in 4 cities all talking in pajamas together.  I love technology.  Napoleon Dynomite, anyone?

We bundled up and scootered outside but didn't stay long.

We went to bed at 9pm.  Merry Christmas to me, right?

Today is Sunday so we are up and at 'em again.  Alex left the house hours ago.  Christmas on Saturday is killer for clergy.  Christmas on Wednesdays are the best!

It's been an abundant week.  And God's presence has been very real to us.  And for that, we are thankful.  

Merry Christmas!


Dorry said...

Gorgeous pics and such a warm, inviting house. I love the one of Alex with the girls. I'm so glad y'all got to relax at home all day and just spend time together AND that you got to chat with the rest of your family online. I hope you are eating some leftover chocolate birthday cake for Jesus.

It's like a double header for the clergy! Sending energetic thoughts...

HeatherBakes said...

Is Eloise wearing a mermaid outfit on Christmas morning?? Gosh, I want a girl SO BAD. That looks like so much fun!