Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Full Sunday

It was a full day at church.  Phew.  I'm pooped.

Church this morning (Alex preached a beautiful sermon), young adult lunch here, Alex and I look at the clock--2 hours before we headed back to church, so we cleaned some dishes (some, not all), watched some football and snow skiing, took some photos, then geared up to head back to church for our Advent festival.

It was a full day at church.  This is what I looked like today.

Game face on.

Cordelia was much cuter.

She had a ball today.

A real church party animal.

And I'm out. 

Because I still have the week ahead of me.  Phew.


Willa J. said...

First, did you get a new lens? Your aperture looks like it got a lot wider:). As always, I love these pictures!

Second, oh how I missed All Saints this morning. I would have loved to hear Alex's sermon!

Willa J. said...

Okay, so I just caught myself up on your blog (it's been a little hectic!) and see that you got a 50mm. Congratulations! Are you completely in love? I never take mine off my camera!

gwen said...

Cordelia's 2nd picture is a MUST for framing! Your game face is concerning - isn't it a little early in the season for that? How did Alex and Eloise survive the very busy church day?

Brooke Koroknay said...

You take really good pictures on both sides of the camera! You're very photogenic for a photographer. :)

Alex and Emily said...

Mom, don't worry. I smiled at church. Only Alex and the girls saw my game face for the day.

Willa J, what a great eye you have. You spotted my new lens immediately!

Brooke, thanks! I've never thought of myself as photogenic so that's a big compliment.