Monday, December 6, 2010


The last 24 hours have been a little off.  It's been funny weird.  And instead of jumping at the chance to get things in order, I'm sitting at my computer to write about it.  I don't think I'll feel right until I do.

1.  Alex stayed late at church last night to help clean-up the Advent festival.  Poor guy forgot to ask for a ride home and was left stranded at the church.  So he started his 1 mile treck home at about 9pm.  He walked along a major road in our residential neighborhood, past an exclusive club.  It's a really nice area.

He carried a bag of lettuce.

A car pulled over.  Rolled down its window.  The men asked him if that was the grass for them.  They had mistaken him for their pick-up.  He looked at them.  They quickly apologized for the error and drove on.  If only they had seen his collar he was wearing.  Ha!  They would have been shocked.  And Alex was a bit surprised by the driver, a white collar middle aged white man.

2.  This morning I woke up.  Eloise was late to school.  I completely forgot a meeting and because friends reminded me, I arrived 45 minutes late.  (A meeting with someone I'd never met!)  The meeting was long.  And I didn't keep track of time so I was late picking up sweet Eloise from school.

And poor Cordelia had to endure it all with no diaper bag (meaning no new diapers, milk, or food).

Not my proudest parenting moment.

3.  I walked in the door with 2 children, 3 bags, and spilled everyone/everything onto the floor.  Picked through the mail and found this:

A returned high school reunion save-the-date that I sent almost 1 year ago.  It's been floating in the mail galaxy for 1 year.  That's kinda how I feel right now.

Ok.  Where's the reset button?

I think I might need a personal day.

(And now to proceed with the rest of my day.)


glitzee76 said...

OK, that is hilarious about Alex! I guess it takes all kinds, eh?

And I hope the rest of your day gets better.

Dorry said...

LOL about the grass pickup on Alex's walk home. I hope your day is on the right track....whatever that might be. :) xo

Brookie said...

Great post, Emily. And perfect for a Not-Me Monday!

Neena said...

Alex! Didn't I tell you always to be home before dark? Love, Your Mom...

Alex and Emily said...

Hilarious, isn't it?! I wish Alex told you the story because his details make it much more funny.