Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's been a full week.  I'm treating myself to a seat on the couch and a blog post to share because I just cut my 10 pound pork tenderloin and it is marinading for the day.  Protein accomplished.  Time for a break.

My friend wrote a short blog post on the importance of community (click here to see it) and it really rang true for me.  This week has been all about community.

I wrote earlier about 3 friends who need our prayers.  I'm pleased to say all 3 are moving in positive directions and there's no doubt in my mind that the Lord is blessing them with peace and healing.  And I also know they have been blessed by a great community of loving people.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus and a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork to help.

It's incredibly touching.

Our friend E was in a car accident.  So a mom in our mother's Bible study quickly devised a plan to bless her with food and cards and well wishes.  She designated her house as a drop off point and arranged for delivery.  And she told me that women she had never met were bringing meals to her house for E.  This community of women went above and beyond the call of duty to help and it undoubtedly reflected the lavish love that God has for us.

The spirit of giving this season has been very real.

And I think giving is beautiful just like this little girl's smile.  :-)

My friend Dorry wrote blog post this week on Christmas shopping (click here to see it) and it reminded me how much I dislike shopping.  It's just not very fun for me.  But, on the other hand, I love the grocery store.  I love feeding people and entertaining and giving to friends in that way.  And this Christmas week, I've had ample opportunity to do so.

We had a fabulous time Tuesday with our college friends.  Lots of razzing each other.  Lots of merriment.  And lots of laughs.  When we're together, we (for better or for worse) revert right back to our college days.

Wednesday, we hosted our Colorado friends for supper.  Exhausted and drained, they are pleased to be safe in town and are eagerly awaiting their son and brother who should be meeting them here shortly from Germany (and previously from Afghanistan).  It was a warm evening of community.  And tomorrow, we'll do it again with church friends and staff resting between our 3 Christmas Eve services.

It's been a blessing for me to host so much this season.  A yummy meal and a cozy home is such a gift to share.  It's doesn't have to be the most creative food or have lavish  place settings or be perfectly coordinated.  It just has be authentic and people feel loved.

And now my break is coming to an end.  Dora's Christmas show is over.  Eloise is headed my way and I think we're going to knock out some brownies before Cordelia awakes.  

(And don't tell anyone.  Our pie for Christmas Eve is Sara Lee's frozen apple dutch pie.  It's going to be awesome.)


Willa J. said...

You are such a beautiful example of hospitality, Emily. Rather than seeking to IMPRESS, you seek to SERVE...and that is a huge blessing!

Molly said...

tell Sara I think her pies are great!

Neena said...

Emily, your table looks beautiful.

Averitts said...

Graham will be jealous....he loves him some Sarah Lee pie!

Molly and I were discussing the other day how great you are at doing so much...because you are not worried about how perfect it is. It allows you to serve so many so well. You are a blessing.

Dorry said...

Oh, Em! I'm so glad to hear your 3 friends are moving in positive directions. I'll continue to pray for them. I imagine the Large home is a place of comfort and peace for your guests and I know they are so thankful for that kind of environment this time of year. I think you said it right - it doesn't have to be fancy, but authenticity and love so far. xoxo

Alex and Emily said...

You're right, Averitts, I am not a perfectionist and I think that will serve me well in the long run.

In seminary, a seasoned pastor's wife shared with us how important it is to be available to people. She said to open the door in your bare feet and if you're having hot dogs for dinner, offer them a hot dog. It's a disservice to pretend that you have filet mignon every night.