Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yes she did!

I'm sorry for my brief blogging delay.  I know you are so eager to know the outcome of Friday's pageant, Mom.  (-:

It was exhausting and wonderful.  Eloise was blue dynamite.  She wore her costume so proudly.  Walked down the aisle hand in hand with Joseph.  Cordelia let our friend hold her during the big show, and Alex cracked some great jokes which added some much needed levity.  Preschool pageants should be fun and relaxed, definitely not to be taken too seriously.

Hopefully I'll have a photo to share soon.

But my biggest brag is that Eloise is now the proud owner of a new watch.

"Ask me what time it is, Mom."

"What time is it, Eloise?"

"It's four and two minutes."

"Thanks, sweetie."

Eloise bought her new watch with her paci.  Alex and Eloise went to the toy store.  We told her she could pick any toy in exchange for the pacifier.  She handed the watch and the paci to the clerk, who was a little confused and not humored.  Alex whispered, "just take it and throw it away."  And Eloise was so proud!

Her pacifier is gone and she hasn't looked back once.  We couldn't be more proud of our big little girl.

Like I said, hopefully some photos coming your way soon.

Oh, and if you can't find us in the next few days, we'll be at church.  :-)


Amy and Jimmy Crain said...

I just read this out loud to Jimmy! What a great idea to sell your paci! We were just talking about how we don't know how we will ever get rid of them! We will definitely be trying this strategy out someday!

Dorry said...

Glad the pageant was a success! I hope y'all have a great weekend. Countdown to Christmas: 1 week! How is that possible?? xo

Averitts said...

Yay for Eloise!!!! A big day...on many counts. Can't wait to hear all about it from her after Christmas!

gwen said...

BIG day for Elo! Bye bye to paci and she dressed in blue! Can't wait to see her new watch!

Laura-Jane said...

That may be what we have to do eventually with Kailee and the paci. She is fine without it unless it's naptime or it's late afternoon (around 5 or 6pm she gets antsy for it). Love the idea!

Neena said...

Congrats to Eloise's debut as Mary AND kudos to her parents for the brilliant parenting maneuver!

Anonymous said...

oh my heavens. how DARLING! I love that little interaction you two had about the time ;) and how you got her to move on from the paci! Brilliant!

You two are such WONDERFUL parents :)