Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is what I'm thinking about right now:

I can see what people search for before they click on my blog link.  Que interesante.  Usually it's "alex n emily" or "emily and alex."  Sometimes it's more interesting.  Today someone typed preschool and perfectionism.  I hope they found that I'm all about preschool and imperfectionism.  There is nothing perfect about preschool.  There is nothing perfect about life.  Perfectionism in adulthood is boring--it involves no risk, no creativity, nothing new.  B-O-R-I-N-G.

Both of my brave daughters received flu shots today.  Neither cried.  Wow!  I was so proud.  I hadn't realized how much I valued bravery and strength.

Eloise is listening to Jingle Bells on the ipod.

I received a lovely Christmas card today from a friend.  We spent countless hours playing with our toddlers at the park in Avon, CO.  She gave us a "peek" into their lives.  And I realized I've been spelling "peek" wrong my whole blogging career.  Either you've never noticed because you are lazy readers or you have been quietly laughing at me behind my back or you love me for my imperfection.

We're having leftovers for dinner tonight.  To make it more exciting I made a pumpkin pie.  That's a little trick of mine--when serving leftovers, either serve it in a different way (meat sauce over spaghetti one night, meat sauce over polenta or grits the next) or add something special like my pumpkin pie.  Or a bottle of wine works too.

I love Christmas music.  I love cold weather as long as it's not windy.  And, I'm thinking about the Bible study I'll be leading in the new year.  I'm thinking of looking into the person and writings of the Apostle Paul.  I was originally going to go through an epistle, maybe Galatians.  But now I'm thinking of an Acts/epistle combination.  Anyhow, anyone have any good resources they would recommend?  Inspiration to share?

It's almost our weekend.  Alex's day off is tomorrow and we're heading north to cut down our tree.

And because I know half of you never read a word I write, I decided to include another pretty picture of my eldest.  :-)  Good evening, Y'ALL!


The Smiths in NYC said...

so sweet. i read what you write!!!

Wiley said...

How often do you use the word peek?

Brookie said...

I read every word. Were you confusing peek and peak? They're both words.
How do you know how someone searches your blog?
P.S. I'm doing a weekly workout with Kelly Holton - speaking of your old friends from Avon. Small world.

Alex and Emily said...

Yes, I think I've been writing peak instead of peek. As in "here's a peek into our day." And that's another things I get into 1 or 2 words? I've learned that a lot is definitely 2 words.

Brookie, do you look at your stats in "draft blogger?" That's where I find that info. Glad you're doing Kelly's workouts. She's the bomb.

And Wiley, you are my hero!

Wiley said...

Into is a preposition. It is most typically used for movement towards the inside of something or somewhere.

In to is a preposition followed by an adverb. Only use it as one word when it is telling the where for an action. Otherwise, go with two words.

Maybe you were showing a peak into your life because it was a high point?

Willa J. said...

I, for one, never noticed that you spell peek incorrectly. No harm done here:). Have a wonderful time picking out a Christmas tree! And I'm really bummed I will not be present when you teach from the New Testament. I know it will be insightful!

Molly said...

neither girl cried during their flu shot? how can we be related? i almost cried when i got it this year, but i got it at work, and i try not to cry in front of colleagues and students.

on another note, i can't wait to hear more about your Bible study. i'm thinking of an ephesians study in the spring for my focus girls. i've looked to william barclay for support in the past.

Dorry said...

I always read every.single.word. Even when I'm out of town! I'm impressed about your girls and the flu shots. I like your trick about the pumpkin pie. When I have a yummy, home-baked dessert, I rarely care what I eat for dinner. I'll eat my veggies just to get to dessert. I don't know when to use "a while" or "awhile" and I always have to pause to think about effect and affect. :)

HeatherBakes said...

I've never noticed you misspelling peek! And for the record, I just misspelled the word "misspelling." Thanks, Blogger spell check!

Woohoo to the girls being brave for their flu shots! Do they give lessons?

Kathleen said...

Hope you all have fun getting the tree today (and it snowed!!!). And, I love hearing about the imperfection, although you seem to have most things quite under control over there. Love seeing Eloise in the candles at dinner - hope the "excitement of fire" keeps them in the chairs like it does over at our house! XO

Anonymous said...

I read what you write, too!! :) Though, I also thoroughly enjoy your pictures. Eloise is growing up SO fast I can hardly believe it. She's gorgeous and so like you and Alex.

Imperfectionism is what I thrive in :)

Great idea to add a pie, too... and pumpkin pie? I don't know that I can think of a more scrumptious holiday treat...