Monday, December 20, 2010

Comfort, Healing, Strength

Even though this week is supposed to be full of hopeful expectation, baking, parties, last minute gift shopping, and late night toy assembly, it's already been full with a lot more.

A lot more disappointing things than holiday stress.

I ask for your prayers for our friend D. who has been wounded in Afghanistan.  For comfort in his soul, healing in his body, and strength on his journey ahead.

I ask for your prayers for our friend E. who was in a car accident last night on the way home from our church pageant.  Please pray for comfort in her soul, healing in her body, and strength in her journey ahead.

And, I ask for your prayers for our friend S. who is suffering from a brain tumor.  Pray for comfort in her soul, healing in her body, and strength for her journey head.

I've been burdened all day with the troubling conditions of these three friends.  They've been heavy on my heart and mind as I've stepped through each part of my day.  And I wondered to myself, why Lord?  this is Christmas.  why so much sadness right now?

The answer came to me in my next thought.

This is why I came.

This is our Christmas celebration.  Jesus came to comfort, heal, and strengthen us.

Our hope arrived in a manger, endured great suffering, knows us intimately, and because of this, we can all have a merry Christmas.


Molly said...

wish i could be there to help you this week. lifting D, E, and S in prayer.

Brookie said...

I am praying for you and your friends. I'm glad God answered your sadness with His message of hope and healing and purpose for our Christmas celebration.

Tessa said...

Beautiful post and great reminder, thanks Emily!

Dorry said...

I'm saddened by these stories and it helped put my life in perspective. I'll be praying for each of your friends.

Willa J. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your three friends. Sadness around Christmas is difficult. But you are right, that is why He came. And while Christmas does bring us sweet feelings and comfort, even more so does it bring us reconciliation and grace amidst suffering. Thanks for your reminder.