Saturday, December 11, 2010

How lovely are your branches

We headed north yesterday in search for our perfect Christmas tree.

Eloise was so excited, but once we got there, she didn't want to get out of the car and said she wanted to go home.  Her about face was so typical Eloise.  Although I'm used to her mood swings by now, they still annoy me.

We didn't let that get in the way of a good time.  She did eventually exit the car and pick our tree.  Alex was afraid she was going to pick a really ugly one because she kept pointing at them and then saying "just kidding."  Some were really weird looking.

Then she saw her choice, marched over and announced "I want to take this one home."  It was the cutest little thing you ever did see.  :-)

She refused to take any photos so I got one of Alex and his prize.

Eloise ran back to the car to warm up.  I'm afraid she's not going to be the little skier we dreamed of.  Sorry, Cordelia, the pressure is on for you to love outdoor sports!

Alex tied the tree to the car.

While I took some photos of little happy girl.  I can't decide if I like color...

or black and white better.  What do you think?

Do you see the snow on the road?  We got a light dusting yesterday afternoon.  It looked like a snow globe.  So pretty.


Or black and white?  (You can click on the photo to make it bigger to help you decide.)

Of course that road has now given us a flat tire.  Boo!  Alex and Eloise are on a date at the Nutcracker right now with a flat tire waiting for them in the parking garage.  Double Boo!

We came home.  Lit a fire.  Decorated the tree with our big colored lights.  I'm getting tired of the plain white lights.  This year my decorating style can be described as modern western shab.  Definitely more shab than chic.  Modern because it's minimal.  Western because the orange in the lights and the tin star give it a Southwest feel to me.  At least to me, it does.

From there, Alex and I went on a nice Christmas date.  I even wore my opaque black hose with high heels.  Ooh la la, that's fancy!  It was fancy but not late.  We were home before 9 and in bed before double digits.  

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches!


gwen said...

Your tree is AWESOME. The Southwestern feel makes it all the better. And, I vote color as opposed to the black and white.

Neena said...

Definitely the color pics! The blue eyes and the pink nose are too cute!!! Looks like the girls love their tree too.

Molly said...

i like the color, but if you go with the black and white, i'd create some more gray tones; Cordelia looks a little flat as mostly white.
and i love western shab modern tree. i still go with the white lights, but big round bulbs, candy canes, and a garland of twigs. i think i'll call mine modern mountain shabby chic.

Alex and Emily said...

Definitely color. God did not give us beautiful kids to see them in B&W.
Love your husband.

Anonymous said...

Awww so sweet! :) Love the photos (as always) ... I prefer the color ones b/c she's so cute with her blue eyes and pink jacket... I like how she "pops" in the color version of the photo, versus the black and white.

Happy for yall - and ooooh la la indeed! Heels?! Definitely fancy fun. ;)

Love you! Merry Christmas!

annabelle said...

What a fun day! I vote for color. Love those big retro lights too : )

Alex and Emily said...

Wow! Overwhelmingly color. Glad to know that.

Converting to b/w is harder than I thought. Good tips, Molly!

Kathryn said...

Em - I like the first one in color, but I like the 2nd one in black and white. And I'm loving how festive you're keeping the holidays. For me personally, there was a lot of good stress that made December so wonderful. Hope you're enjoying yours!!

Ginny said...

definitely the color - I think Cordelia has learned a valuable lesson. She can be NUMBER 1 when her older sister goes to the car to get warm. The B&W are ok but those adorable cheeks & little red nose are just too adorable.