Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Princess Ballet Delight

Yesterday was Eloise's ballet show.  She lives for this.  It was wonderful.  Here's a peak into her show.  (A rather blurry peak because I couldn't get my focus right.  Wrong lens?  User error?  You practice, you learn, right?)

After the show, the girls enjoyed a tea party.  All dressed as Snow White.  Can you imagine anything more special for a 3 year old?  

No?  Me neither!

And Eloise's best bud Claire sipped tea with her while little Eliza and Cordelia stared and pointed at each other on the floor.  

Such beauties.

So if you hear me complaining about how difficult mothering a 3 year old is, remind me of this ballet show.  Because it will help remind me what a delight my 3 year is.  And I'll feel better for about 30 seconds at most.  



Dorry said...

awww, what a special day for little girls! she really is so beautiful and looks SO much like you.

Brookie said...

What a great post, event, memory, etc! They all look so talented... I was the weak link in my childhood ballet classes. :-D

Molly said...

check out elo's hair! looks like someone let mom use a brush to get ready for her big ballet extravaganza.

Annemarie said...

thank you emily! what a good reminder. your pictures are so good that i can choose to forget the massive tantrum that sweet claire threw before that stunning photo :-) THAT'S talent!

Willa J. said...

I had that focusing problem when I got my 50mm'll get it. But that aside, these photographs are beautiful, Emily!! That last one of Eliza just shines! I know Annemarie will treasure it:). I am super impressed!

Kathryn said...

She is beautiful, Em!!