Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pretty Animals

The Dallas Zoo is so much cooler than I thought it was.  It's just further proof that everything is bigger and better in Texas.  (-:

I know you're out there rolling your eyes.

But give me a second and check this out.

This is the new Safari exhibit.  It rocked our world.  Elephants, ostriches, zebras, giraffes, and more shared this huge space.  It was very cool to see all the animals together.

Eloise fed a giraffe.  His tongue was AMAZING--strong, long, and blue.

This mandril was Eloise's favorite.  Because his nose is hot pink.

These lions were my favorite.  We got to eat lunch and watch these beautiful cats lounge.  Really neat.

We walked by and this gorilla was just sitting there.  Like right there, feet from us.  Eating and looking at us.

Cordelia also sat feet from us.  Eating her french fries.  She's cuter than the gorilla, though, don't you think?

A carousel located by the exit is a perfect way to pry your eager children away from the animals and get them to the car.  "After the animals, we'll ride the carousel and get a snack and get in the car.  Okay?"  "Okay Mom, you're so awesome."  "Thanks!"

Okay, no this dog wasn't at the zoo.  But he's so special, he should be!  This special animal is our 19 year old pup Ricky.  He's SO old and sweet and is tired all the time.  He even wears a St. Francis charm around his neck.

So, are you starting to agree that things in Texas are bigger and better?  Or, is all this Texas talk (the Bush books for my parents included) making you want to gag?

Never mind, don't answer that.  I know what what you'll say.  (-:


Willa J. said...

Oh my gosh!!! That zoo looks incredible! I can't believe how close you can get to the animals...I bet the girls loved it. I know Liza would! Miss you guys.

Dorry said...

I love Texas! :) I haven't been to the zoo in a couple of years but it looks great. Billy and I have been to zoos in New Orleans, NYC and Chicago. New Orleans was amazing!

Wishing the Averitt family and the Large family and Happy New Year! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily I ADORE the photo of the giraffes!! SOOO beautiful and striking, the oranges, browns, blues, the patterns.. really awesome. Looks like a spectacular trip to the zoo! I would never have thought I'd say this, but you make me excited to take Eden to the zoo! haha ;)

(I hate crowds, in short ;)

Anonymous said...

ricky is still alive?????