Sunday, January 30, 2011

The moments before the thundersnow

Last Wednesday I blogged at 6am in the morning about being full.  And I had been full--sick baby, lots to do, not much time to myself.

But Wednesday actually brought us a lazy day.  School was cancelled for Eloise.  Cordelia was still too sick to go to church nursery, so I couldn't go to Bible study.  So we stayed home and relaxed.

Little did we know that the 4 inches of snow that they predicted for Wednesday night was going to come in the form of a "thundersnow."  That's a thunderstorm with snow.  It was the perfect storm...or not so perfect storm, really.  It started out as a warm(er) day.  Then some sleet and rain came down.  And then that froze and all of the sudden, a very wet and heavy snow came crashing down.  Thunder and lightening and ...

Well, I'll save that for tomorrow's blog.

For now, here we are on Wednesday.  Pre-thundersnow.


gwen said...

Glad you got some quiet before the storm! And glad you will tell and show us your adventure of the past days! That last picture of Eloise is a must frame and future contest winner.

Brookie said...

Nice preview :-D Also, I love when I can recognize the tutus. :-D
Eloise's thank you note arrived last week and it was so precious. Thank you for finding the time in your crazy life to send that off to me.

Dorry said...

I love Cordelia's tutu!!