Thursday, January 20, 2011


We ladies went to Target today.  I love that store.  We all love that store.  Because we buy things that aren't on our list.  And while that can be dangerous, it's never that dangerous when you're at Target.

So we ladies bought 3 pairs of shoes because we wanted them.

Eloise picks her own clothes now, in case you didn't know that already.  And she is a confident shopper.  Mommy, I want those shoes right there.  No second guessing.  Those are what she likes, those are what the lady gets (most of the time).

I love that she is a little person with unique talents and gifts and style.  I love that when I met with her teacher this morning for our conference, her teacher described the passionate girl I know so well.  She is who she is.  She LOVES the Nutcracker.  And princesses.  And lipstick.  She is Eloise.

Then there is Cordelia.  I love that I still have a voice in this house.  I get to buy her bright pink converses because I can.  Because she's only 14 months.  And while her little will is emerging nicely and she screams bloody murder when you take away Eloise's lipstick (it's really just chap stick, don't get worried), I still get to dress her.  She'll be dressing herself soon enough.

For now, though, I have the illusion of control when it comes to her shoes.  Mwhahah...and I like it!

And for me, rain boots.  I've been thinking about getting rain boots for years.  Literally years.  Would I really wear them?  Or, would they take up too much space in our incredibly small closet? The last straw came a few months ago when I was standing in pouring rain buckling 2 children in the car.  And I was soaked.

I'm tired of being soaked.  Of being the last one in the car.  The coldest, wettest lady in this family, so I decided to do something about that.  I bought rain boots.

I guess the martyr thing was getting old.


Brookie said...

Where's a picture of the rain boots?

Dorry said...

Jenna just bought some rain boots recently...and she has 2 daughters. You make a great point about standing in the rain trying to buckle in the kiddos. Moms need rain boots! Love that Eloise is who she is and decisively so. I'm 29 and still trying to figure that out. :)

Annemarie said...

me too- i want a rain boot pic!

Molly said...

Cordelia's taking after cousin Cici as she rocks her converse. And I'm thankful Eloise fell in love with velcro shoes, woo!

ps--were you not going to mention the mini snowman?! adorable.

Alex and Emily said...

I'll get some photos of the rain boots tomorrow. I promise!

You ask, I deliver! :-)

Brooke Koroknay said...

I LOVE wandering Target and adding to my list! Love the shoes. What age do they start dressing themselves anyway? Not that it matters because my husband will dress my son in a striped shirt and plaid shorts. What is he thinking?!

glitzee76 said...

The girls are awash in a sea of hot pink-- love it!