Monday, January 3, 2011


Alex and I were talking about our favorite parts of vacation.  For him, it's all the things he can get out and do.  Like jogging, eating out, going to the movies (True Grit is amazing).  For me, it's all the things that I don't have to do.  Like keep the house tidy and cook every meal.

We both agree that vacation is great because we can have so much uninterrupted time together.

Like this afternoon when Eloise did a photo shoot for her incredible parents.  :-)  She would aim and we would lean to try to get in the frame.  It was silly, fun, totally unproductive, and completely perfect for vacation.

(edited version)

(unedited version)

I've been talking a lot about photography lately with lots of different folks.  One conversation turned towards editing.  How incredible editing can be.  I know it's true for most photographers and bloggers.  Every image you see is edited in some way.  The object of editing is to improve your original and not make it worse.    And that can be more difficult than you might think.

Eloise's favorite part of vacation is playing with her cousins and with other people's toys.

Cordelia's favorite part of vacation is all the love and attention she gets.  And Gigi and Grandad's carpeted staircase.  She can slide down fast on her tummy.

Our least favorite part is packing our bags to go back home.  And that's why I'm blogging now.  I'm procrastinating.  Not packing.  Just blogging.  Because I'm still on vacation.


Dorry said...

Such great photos! They make me nostalgic - I used to slide down those carpeted stairs, too! Almost 25 years in the world is that possible? Love ya Em. xo

ML Welz said...

wow! enjoy the rest of your vaca! when you get home and get a minute :), tell me about your camera and lenses. I'm thinking of getting a camera because I'm missing so many moments with my little digital camera. What editing programs do you use as well?

Anonymous said...

these photos have so much personality, Emily :) I love 'em... and that last one made me laugh because it looks like suddently their fun swing time turned into a daddy teaching moment ;)

So glad yall are enjoying your vacay!

Brookie said...

Fun to be reading your blog again... I've been out of touch for so long. Hopefully I'm back, and looking forward to catching up.