Friday, January 21, 2011

Fix It Friday: PSE-8

It's Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces.  It's been ages since I practiced my skillz on one of these, but I got the editing itch during nap time today.  I clicked on over to IHF and wow, I loved this hot.  Why?  Because it's fun and different and really cool.  Thank you, Angie, for letting us play on your great image.  And thank you to all the contributors for sharing your fixes and editing secrets.  I learn so much from you all!


Edit 1
Some exposure/vibrance/clarity tweaks, some boosting, a crop, and then PW's Homeland.

Edit 2
Same exposure/vibrance/clarity tweaks as above. With some more saturation/sharpening and then a crop.

Edit 3
Same tweaks as above, no crop--I love the full frame--and PW's Lovely and Ethereal.

A lot of photos have an edit that I think is "just right."  This one, though, could be played with forever.  It's fun.  It's addicting.  And it's hurting my parenting right now.

Which is your favorite? 

(For those loyal readers, rain boot photos coming soon.)


Shannan said...

love the second edit. Great job!

SLucy said...

I like edit 2~nice job ;)

Dorry said...

I love edit #2. Love the vibrant colors.

Excited to see your rain boots! Jenna and I recently had a long discussion about rain boots because Target online had like 100 different patterns and she needed some guidance. ;)

Brookie said...

I like the second best but the first is very artistic.

Jen Roberts said...

Love number two! where did you find your beautiful filters and layers?

Jen Roberts said...

Got It. Pioneer Woman? I love Totally Rad's actions also if you want to play some more

PS. Loved your Christmas card!