Saturday, January 22, 2011


Days like today are hard for me!  It felt like a complete waste because I never left the house.  I hardly spoke to anyone over the age of 4 (Alex was working) and I sat on my rear almost all day.  Not only am I feeling unproductive which I hate because I'm a neurotic "doer," but I'm also feeling lazy.  Double yuck.  (But note to doctor--I did the "Shred" workout for free on Direct TV.  BooYa!  I'm doing my homework and working out.)

It's the 3rd day of this virus in our house.  Alex had it Thursday and Friday.  And now Cordelia has it.  So I've been care taking for 3 days and tomorrow will be more of the same.

This is Cordelia on a Tylenol high.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my day for Kid's Church.  I look forward to my Kids Church days because it reminds me of my days teaching Spanish in Pittsburgh.  30 minutes of educational fun.  High energy.  Games, songs, learning.  But this is even better because Jesus is cooler than Spanish.  So teaching Kids Church is the best.

And I have the most awesome lesson plan and game planned.  That Alex is going to do now.  Bummer!  But there's no way around it.  Cordelia can't be at church.  Alex has to be a church.  Oh well.  If I had to pick a substitute for my awesome Kids Church, I'd choose Alex anyway.

Although it was bitterly cold today, the sun came out and it was pretty.  No rain.  No chance to wear these bad boys.

I went for the flower pattern because rainy days are usually dark and dreary so I thought something bright and cheerful would be better.  Kinda like how I wear fun and crazy knee socks that no one can see.  It just makes life a little more fun.

And finally, this is what happens when you stay in all day.

You get lots of little princesses rearranging and reorganizing the house.


gwen said...

So sorry Alex's virus is making the rounds ;-( Love your new boots tho!

Dorry said...

Love your rain boots and the sentiment behind the flowery pattern. They are perfect. Sorry about the bug! It's difficult to steer clear with all the germs going around. I hope you have a good mental day even though you are probably stuck at home. I got to see Lambert last night! :)

babyschneider said...

Oh Emily, I adore you :)

I especially love your new rain boots, your reasoning behind them, and the fun socks comment. I couldn't agree with you more! :)