Monday, January 10, 2011

4 Thoughts Today

I have had some thoughts through out the day.  3 funny and 1 touching.

First, never say never.  My friends, the impossible can happen.  My meatless child ate all her meatloaf tonight.  I don't think she even knew what it was.  I'm not sure I've served it like this before, she didn't ask, she just ate.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman.  Thank you!

Second, why does my Christian radio station talk about weight loss so much?  They play a good song about needing God in this hurting world and then they come on and talk about ways to lose weight.  I'm a far too faithful listener.  I should have left them for my iPod years ago.

Third, Cordelia has a secret.  Shhh....don't tell Eloise.  Cordelia plays on the scooter when Eloise is not here.  And I let her.  And she loves it.

Now for the serious thought.

This morning, a news anchor covering the shooting in Arizona told the story of victim Dorwan Stoddard.  The anchor interviewed a friend who recounted the sacrifice Dorwan made to save his wife's life.

I hope I'm getting all the details right.  Dorwan's wife was shot and injured.  He fell on her body and took the bullets so that his wife might live.  She laid under his body and talked to him until he breathed his last breath.  He died to save her.

The anchor starts crying on live tv because the story demands our tears.  To sacrifice yourself is so against our nature that it has to be supernatural.  We self-centered humans just aren't that way--we are really ego-centric, self-centered, self-preservationist....just ask Darwin...or read the book of's true.

And so a selfless act like this touches us from the outside.  It's the finger of God touching our hearts, making us better than we naturally are, and gives us the love to give to others.  It's Jesus on the cross.  And it makes us cry because it's the supernatural acting in a naturally ugly world.

So the news anchor fought back her tears as her voice cracked and until her co-anchor took over. Beautiful.


Brookie said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would love to see the footage of the news anchor, if you find it on the news page or youtube.

Anytime you're frustrated with the radio station talking about weight loss, please pray for me instead of feeling frustrated. I'm on the bride-to-be diet and exercise plan and I take GREAT comfort in having those encouraging words and reminders of what I'm doing throughout the day. If you're listening to KLOVE, know that I am too, and I'm struggling less with food because of what their saying.

Thanks in advance for your prayers amidst frustration.

Dorry said...

Em - Thank you for this. You really have a way with your words. I hope you write a book one day because I know it would keep my attention (most cannot!).

My heart goes out to everyone involved in the Tuscon shooting. I've reflected on it many times today and it stops me in my tracks to think about the reality of what happened. I love that you bring the aspect of self-sacrifice to light here.

Kathryn said...

I hadn't heard that specific story of the man and his wife. Many times, I don't feel the weight of the Cross, and this reminds me of its reality. Thanks, Em.