Saturday, January 15, 2011

Portraits and Priest Things

Yesterday we adventured downtown to enjoy some art.  And boy did we enjoy some art!  There is a British photography exhibit right now from the 1860s.  It is amazing how incredible these photos are 150 years later.  And did you know that the camera was invented in 1839?

These two ladies really caught my eye.  I loved them.

Who painted this?  I can't remember!  Please tell me.  Isn't she stunning?

Pablo Picasso painted this beauty.  I love Picasso.  I love these colors.

And finally, yes this is a very terse entry because I shouldn't be sitting here when I have 10 things I need to be doing, if you came to our house, would this surprise you?

What if the collars were hooked and the oval was more clear (like they are in our bedroom)?

Answer:  They are priest collars.  And we have them scattered all around our house.

I've had the pleasure of spending some time with new friends who do not attend our church.  This is rare.  Everyone I know here falls in 3 categories: church friends, neighbors, school friends.  But this week, I've encountered some un-churchy people (which is so refreshing for this pastor wife).  And as I was cleaning the house today, I wondered, "did they notice the collars scattered across the house? do they thing we're crazy?  this is not normal..."

But I think they liked me anyway.  I really really do so it must not have freaked them out too much.  Or, this just didn't notice.


Neena said...


Dorry said...

I love museums and art galleries! Seeing artwork from so many years ago is pretty wild. Thinking that someone painted that and it's still around for us to see.

Funny about the priest collars. I probably wouldn't have noticed them. At first glance, they sort of look like know, for some cool concert or something. :)

Anonymous said...

I love old art. Isn't it amazing that this thing someone created outlasted them and speaks to people who were unborn when it was created? Pretty amazing... And to see how artistic styles can transcend time, too.

Love the collars ;) Knowing Matt, he'll have secret stashes of them too, should he be so blessed to wear them one day as well.


Molly said...

i took an art history course of photography in college. SO much has changed since then. I'm still fond of developing my own film, but alas resources (dark rooms, chemicals, enlargers) do not come easy and i'm adjusting to the digital world. i bet the exhibit was amazing, at the portrait gallery?

Charles said...

It's "Portrait of Sonia" by Henri Fantin-Latour

Alex and Emily said...

Wow! Charles, thanks!