Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waiting for Snow

Right now I want to be in Vail.  Imagine this: Just finished an amazing meal at Sweet Basil.  Delightfully worn out from a great day in fresh powder.  Breathing in the cold crisp air as we stroll through Vail Village back to our beds at any hotel there.  Maybe the Sonnenalp or the Mountain Haus or really, any of them will do.  Collapsing and awaking again to bright blue sky and a chair lift ready to take me up again.  Just me and Alex.  All day.  Skiing together.

Okay, that dream is so unrealistic.

How about this one?  All I want is there to be enough snow on the ground tomorrow that I can bundle the chicas up and sled down our sidewalk.  And I can hear them roar with laughter.  That would make my day!

For that to happen, I'm going to need it to snow more.  Need more snow.  Need more snow.

Dear God, please let it snow more than 1 inch tonight.

I really want it to snow.  Like really really badly.  It's time.  I'm ready.  Let's get the show on the road.

So what do you do when you are waiting for snow?

We take an afternoon bath and pour water on our heads and play like mermaids and splash our sister.

And I play with my camera settings.  I'm practicing lots of indoor low light situations these days.  Because that's what we've got a lot of....a lot of indoor low light situations.  Ugh.

Then we cuddle in warm towels and run around squealing with delight and we never even pause to think that Mom tricked us into having a very fun bath time in the afternoon so that she didn't have to do a really difficult bath time at night.  

I love it when that happens!


Molly said...

do you want all the ice we got last night? Even without an inch of snow, 1/4 inch of ice would be great for sledding (that is if you don't break your back walking down the steps).

Dorry said...

I love the image you painted of skiing in Vail. I hope y'all wake up to some lovely, fluffy white snow in the morning! (And I hope you and Alex get the chance to ski together in Vail sometime soonish.)

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Ah, the snow! I am really missing New England right now. Either scenario would be a treat, but Vail sounds delightful!:) We did "snow" (shaving cream) in the bath tonight. The boys thought it was the best!

Brookie said...

Great post, Em. The Vail scenario sounds wonderful -- even to those of us who live out here. And the more snow sounds wonderful - we have a couple of inches in Eagle but temperatures around 0*. I don't mind cold WHEN THERE IS FRESH SNOW. :-(