Sunday, May 16, 2010

Water Table

Who needs a water table when you have a kitchen sink?

Not as safe, sanitary, or neat as a water table, though.  Oh well.  This is what I happened upon after putting Cordelia to sleep upstairs.  Maybe she was helping do the dishes?  If only!  At least it entertained her while Cordelia has been sick today.  

Oh, and thankfully no knives were involved.  


Willa J. said...

Emily, what is a water table? I've never heard of it.

Sorry to hear Cordelia is sick! I hope she feels better quickly.:)

Alex said...

A water table is an activity table for toddlers. You put water in it typically and the kids play with boats and other toys. They're also used as "sensory tables" and you can put sand/cotton balls/anything in it for different feels for the kids.