Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing on a Rainy Day

It rained all day.  And it's been chilly.  So we decided to stay in our house that's oozing with lead.  :-)

No, really.  Thanks to Annabelle for the encouragement.  I don't think my children, my husband, or my self have licked the paint chips falling from our windows.  So, I think we'll be okay.  Except for the fact that the inspector might have to come back out here to spend another morning with me.  Although we had an interesting and potentially offensive discussion, he was actually quite delightful.  We discussed in a civilized manner.

So back to our rainy day.

Animals were a major theme of today's play.  Can you spot Noah's wife in the mix?

Eloise was a tiger.

Cordelia started roaring after getting stuck under the desk.  She didn't like that I grabbed my camera instead of saving her.  Sorry sweetie, couldn't resist.

And this is how I found them after leaving the room to start dinner.

Rainy days aren't always bad.


Willa J. said...

I love that last black and white photo. Eloise looks quite stately sitting up on the foot rest, and Cordelia almost has a guilty look. So cute!

Molly said...

if it's too rainy to go to the zoo... you should bring the zoo to you!

Brookie said...

I love these pictures!