Saturday, May 22, 2010

402 and the Winner with complications

To prove our randomness to those how doubted, here is evidence.

The numbers on a silver platter.  Nothing but the best for my readers.

The honest priest.

Picking the winner.

Drum roll please...

And then things get complicated.

KHS throws a wrench in things with her comment.  KHS is technically the winner, but looks like there was a ghost writer involved.  

Read her comment:
Hi Mom. It's me, Eloise. I have channeled through invisible Charles to post on your blog so I can have a shot at that candy! xo

Now what am I supposed to do with that?  (Expect your candy soon, KHS :-)


Hawley said...

Haha! My favorite shot is "The Honest Priest" one ;) giggle...

Anonymous said...

WAIT! I get behind for a few days and you start giving out CANDY? So unfair!!

khs said...

Lucky me! What fun. Tell Eloise to rest assured that I will be sharing some bears with her. I am also a lucky girl I got to see the Larges both days of this weekend! XOXO

Alex said...

Moxie, Never get behind. Never.