Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attention Please

Because Cordelia has been sick the last couple of days, Eloise is getting a little jealous.  And she has been asking for my attention in the most hilarious ways.

This morning she summed it up by recounting yesterday's events.

She woke up yelling, "Mommy, my arm hurts!"

"Oh goodness," I say, "What happened?"

"Well first my mouth hurt.  Then my chin hurt.  Then I saw a monster.  Now my arm hurts and Daddy gave me a bandaid."

Yes indeed.  Yesterday was a day of multiple injury for the little girl.  She must have clocked about 1.5 hours of crying while Cordelia expressed her pain with a mere whimper.  She had to make sure I didn't forget about her while I fussed over Cordelia.

Don't worry, Eloise, I'll never forget you.

(At one point yesterday, Eloise had a bandaid on her chin.  It was so funny looking and I wish I had a photo of it.  Oh well.  I only have 2 arms.)

(Oh, and yes, we did see a monster yesterday.  He's purple and is named Gus.  Our imaginary friend cast is growing.  More on that later. :-)


gwen said...

He He! Well, tell Eloise attention is coming! In a very big way!

(how is cordelia?)

Molly said...

Tell Gus if he plans to come to Colorado in July, he needs to tell Gigi so she can be sure there is a bed for him. We're getting a littel crowded, you know, but I think there might be a top bunk with his name on it.