Sunday, May 9, 2010


A while back, I posted about New Years food challenge.  For 2010, my goal is to eat/cook fish 1 time a week and go veggie 2 times a week.  And overall, it's been great.

I really like fish, especially tilapia with a dill sauce, with rice.  And it's super fast to whip up with a baby on my hip and a toddler asking me questions.

And the vegetarian meals haven't been too hard either.  Not to mention their health value and money saving properties.  Now that it's summer, we'll be veggie much more often.

And to top it all off, I bought the Pioneer Woman's cookbook.  That's really what this post is all about.  My love for PW's cookbook.  It is scrumptious.

You can find her recipes on her blog (I have her linked up at the bottom right) for free, but I bought the book because I loved reading it cover to cover.  And it's so much more accessible.

I have a fraction of a kindred spirit with the PW.  She's a ranch mom from Oklahoma.  I'm from Texas.  And to tell you the truth, her recipes remind me of home.  Her chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.  Taste like Texas to me.  Her beef brisket and enchiladas.  Her Texas sheet cake and oatmeal crisps.  I can close my eyes and see that big Texas sky right now.  Ahh...

In fact, PW's oatmeal crisps are my Granny's recipe.  Seriously, they are the same.  So delicious.  So close to home.

So to wrap this up, I will tell you about the Potato Leek Pizza I made tonight from PW's cookbook.  Oh my.  So good.  First, her pizza crust beats any recipe I've made.  Then you put thinly sliced Golden Yukons on, topped with fresh mozerella, sauted leeks and bacon and goat cheese.  And now I'm sitting here like a lump on the log.  I can't move, I'm so full.

So that's my food update.  2010 has been oh so tasty.


Molly said...

LOVE the food update. i've been reading PWs blog daily as i love the opportunity for free stuff. one of these days i will get a kitchenaid mixer from her contests. i too heart her recipes. i made the stuffed french toast (actually from the tasty kitchen website). it was so good. hope you continue to find and love recipes from PW. share when you find a particularly fabulous one.

PS are the oatmeal cookies that close to granny's? i can't imagine anything being so delicious. everytime mom made those i was in heaven.

Willa J. said...

I'm making PW's beef brisket this week:). And you've inspired me to perhaps try the pizza and oatmeal crispies, too! said...

Oh man, I bought the PW cookbook for my mom for Christmas, mainly so I could use it myself :) I'm dying to try her cinnamon roll recipe.

If you're looking for vegetarian cookbooks, Eat Drink and Be Vegan is awesome, as is Veganomicon.

Happy Mother's Day!

annabelle said...

My cousin's wife (cousin in law?) gave me a copy for Christmas and I read it cover-to-cover too! I'm going to make that baked french toast casserole for the MM's visiting climbing buddy this weekend. Gotta keep the menfolk fed : )