Thursday, May 20, 2010

400th Post and Giveaway

That is right, people, this is my 400th post.  Can you believe I've been around for that long?  Neither can I.

So I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and see where this magic all began.

After the birth of Eloise, we emailed photos and video to our family and friends but it just became too tedious.  So Alex suggested we start a blog.  Our family and friends could easily stay updated and everything would be kept nice and tidy in one place.

Here's post #1. There were 23 posts in 2007.

I wasn't too enthusiastic at first.  I occasionally would post but didn't think I had much to share.

Here's another look of the blog.  2008 brought us 83 posts.  This is of Eloise and her cousin Cici taking some first steps.  Can't believe they were once that small.

And slowly but surely, I became addicted to the blogosphere.  It has morphed into a diary of sorts.  A place to share not only about my children but also my thoughts and feelings.  And it's been loads of fun.

One more look of the blog.  89 posts in 2009.  Here's Maggie and Tim's wedding.  Almost 1 year ago today.  Happy 1 year anniversary!  So far in 2010, I've posted 167 times.  Wow!

And so to celebrate my 400th post, I thought I could do my first giveaway.  No, no IPad here.  No Photoshop nor Kitchen Aid mixer.  Instead I thought a candy bar would be most appropriate for this blog.  I love candy bars, so I thought I would share one with you.

But after discussing this over breakfast, Alex and I decided mailing chocolate was a big bad idea.  So, what's my second favorite candy?  Haribo gummys of course.  So, if you comment on this here post, I will choose at random one winner to receive some Haribo gummys.  A small, simple, and silly way to celebrate my 400th.  Gets me thinking, what might be appropriate for my 500th post?

Happy 400th post from me to our family and friends around the world!


Molly said...

OK, Ok, ok.... so how do I set my comment post apart in order finally win a blog giveaway? the dear old pioneer woman has passed on many of my comments, but when it comes to haribos, i mean business (ps when traveling with DSmith in 2002, i convinced myself haribo products in germany were far superior than in america. we didn't go to germany, but switzerland was close, so i decided to eat a lot there.)

back to this comment. since winners will be chosen at random, this is what is say. RANDOM! happy 400th blog post emily!

Willa J. said...

Yay, a giveaway!!! I have yet to win a blog giveaway, but I think I might have a better chance with this one;). You're too funny, Emily! I'm so glad that you blog; it's been a great way to get to know your family better.

catherine said...

Well I love reading your blog and it helps remind me that I am not the only one feeling the same way. Gummies bears are my favorite. I hope you have a great weekend and can't wait until the 10 year reunion.

Brookie said...

Congratulations on 400 posts and all you've learned in the process.

Averitts said...

I would put them to good use...bribing my child to get in the car....and sneaking some myself when he still doesn't and I need the sugar boost to make it through the rest of the day. I know you know what I mean!! Pick me, pick me!!! :)

Hawley said...

Awww congrats, Emily! :) Hahaha I feel awkward because I wanted to comment BEFORE you offered added incentive to your readers ;)

I love that you've kept up your blog and I've begun to notice that I have a good number of female friends who keep blogs, and how nice it is to be able to keep in touch and up to date with others that way.

In this day and age of travel and distance, it's nice to keep that closeby element of knowing what's going on in the lives of your friends and seeing photos to boot. I can hardly believe you guys went to that wedding just a year ago. I remember tales of Eloise the Flower Girl: aka "the running pink blur" :) It seems like just yesterday, and yet, like so very long ago. So much has happened in a year!

Well, I digress. But congrats on 400 and here's to the next hundred to come :) Cheers!

Jayme said...

Have you seen the giant 5 lb gummy bears???

Ginny said...

Wow, your 400th post! Well,me and Belle and Beau are very impressed. We also want to see lots of pictures. Have an awesome weekend with the family and for Miss Cordelia's Christening.

khs said...

Hi Mom. It's me, Eloise. I have channeled through invisible Charles to post on your blog so I can have a shot at that candy! xo

Anonymous said...

Dude, I could totally use some gummys.

Anonymous said...

Those of us in Florida cannot start our day without a dose of "The Large Story"! Your blog has been the life's blood of these faraway grandparents, giving us daily peeks into the lives of our grand babies. Thank you soooo much Emily for being such a good mommy, wife and daughter-in law and such a talented photographer/journalist! Did we win?

Millie Wamsted said...

Wow, I'm not sure I can compete with the in-laws, but I'll give it a shot since you're CLAIMING it will be random... bring on the gummy bears!