Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Closing time

Right now at 9:58pm, I'm half watching Glee.  Surfing the web and eating ice cream out of the carton in my pajama pants.

My brain is closed.  This house is closed.

It doesn't matter that there are toys everywhere.  The dinner dishes are still out.  The light is on in the basement and I have a lot of preparations for this weekend.  (Alex is baptizing Cordelia on Sunday and all the parents are coming in.)

Once the last child goes to bed, I'm done.  My hand go up in the air and I collapse.  Just like that.

As a mom, I don't bring my work home with me.  My work is home with me, all the time.  But, I feel guilty.  I can't shake the feeling that I should be picking up and cleaning and organizing and etc.  I know in my mind that I need a break--I haven't had one all day with little Cordelia being sick and Alex working a long, long day.  But the guilt persists.

How do you let yourself relax?  And why is it so hard for me to do that?

Thankfully, Cordelia's been fever-free for a few hours so I'm hoping we've turned the corner.  PTL!

And for our image today, I present to you Alex, Martin, Lammy, and Cammy.  If we've learned anything this year it is that puppets are the BEST teaching tools.  And, anything can be a puppet--a spoon, an animal, a ball, a flower... really, anything can talk.  And kiddos love it.  Lammy and Cammy are Alex's chapel friends at the Preschool.  They are adorable.  And they hail from Estes Park, Colorado.

And here's Eloise being the cutest kid on the block.

And with that.  Good night.


catherine said...

I know how you are feeling. As it is what I do every night too and I always feel bad for not cleaning everything up but I need my "me" time for a little bit before I go to bed to do it all over again tomorrow. Good luck with the baptism and enjoy the family being in town.

gwen said...

Don't know which is cuter - Alex and Martin or Lammy and Cammy ....
I vote for Alex and Martin!

Molly said...

oh, and how'd you like the homage to les mis on glee last night?!

Alex said...

Thanks Catherine. I wish I knew how to relax better. I know how to work hard and play hard but I need to learn out to relax hard (and without guilt).

Gwen, they are all pretty cute, aren't they? You should see them in action.

Molly, the Les Mis was awesome! I liked this episode better than previous ones. I think it's heating up.

And did anyone see Lee DeWyze sing Halleluiah last night?? Unbelievable! I hope he wins.

SF Larges said...

Such a great photo of Eloise! I especially love the matching chalk stripes on her shoe : )

The Mommy said...

Glad she is feeling better. I love the last picture, so adorable.
BTW, if you live in MD that makes us neighbors:)
Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you can hop over some time again!
Have great day

Willa J. said...

Emily, I'm so glad that Cordelia's fever is gone and that you had a small chance to relax! We all need that margin to maintain the sanity.:) I've been praying for you all. We missed having you with us at Bible Study this morning--it was a challenging one!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! There's always SOMETHING that needs to be done/cleaned/organized... but it can all wait for PJ pants and ice cream.

Wasn't Glee great?? We just watched it last night. I LOVED the mall flash dance.