Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bear Hunt

Today we captured a bear.

And we all got involved by setting a trap.

(Yes, that's sticker residue on her leg.  Remember our Dora sticker that wouldn't come off her cheek?  The girl loves her some stickers.)

Cordelia was especially effective.

And no one tripped.


Willa J. said...

Such a sweet post!:)

gwen said...

Fun Times with those Girls!

Anonymous said...

Your girls look like they have so much fun together!

Question- at what age did Cordelia start using that activity seat/exersaucer thing (no idea what they're really called)? Jack has one but we haven't put it together yet. I'm not sure if he's ready.

Molly said...

so where's the bear?

Alex said...

The bear was in our imagination, Molly. And the monster lives there too. Or, sometimes Alex plays him. It's all a very elaborate tale she has spun.