Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Animals. And Neighbors.

Animals and Neighbors, they are one in the same, right?


I'm pleased to announce that our neighbors are anything but animals.  They are the nicest people we've ever known.  They were our angels when we moved here.  Remember how hard that was for me?  Do you remember how love came in the most unexpected forms?  Well, it's true.  Love came in the way of neighbors.

In the past, we usually would wave hi and quickly duck into our house.  In Pennsylvania, I remember one of our teenage neighbors having a baby.  We didn't even know she was pregnant.  Some other neighbors we couldn't understand under their thick accent.  And we were newly weds.  We said hi and ducked into our house.

In Colorado, we tried with some neighbors but got some funny looks when they saw Alex in his collar.  Then there were those who we think were involved in some mob.  Of a specific type.  I'm too afraid to even talk about it.

But here, we have experienced the hands and feet of Christ from those who don't necessarily believe.

And they show their love by sharing.

And loving my children.

And spending time with us.

And teaching us about God's creation.

Thank you neighbors.  You have inspired me to be more neighborly.


gwen said...

I'm sooo glad you are blessed with wonderful neighbors, Emily! Hmmm... I wonder if neighborliness is one of the few things not affected by wealth, education, race, religion, type of home, location, etc, etc.

Tessa said...

I love that last picture....so pensive! Neighbors are so underestimated! We pretty much stalk the ones across the street and next door. No kids yet for either so hoping when we start trying (June!), they get a move on, I am going to need some friends!