Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mark Schultz

Yes, for all you (ahem, Molly) who answered correctly (aren't sister's great?), that is indeed, Mark Schultz.  Not a household name to many, but for me, he's big time.

I first met Mark when I was in high school.  We were on a mission trip to Mexico and he was a youth minister with a church from Nashville that came with us.

And because our churches were friends, he came and did some other youth/music stuff with our church so I met him those times as well.  All while in high school.

Total times meeting Mark Schultz before last night = 3.  Maybe 4.  That's all.

So I hear on the radio that he's coming to play at Falls Church (shout out to my loyal reader Elizabeth for getting the location of the concert correct!).  Of course I made plans to go see him.

He's a become a well known contemporary Christian singer.  He's a real talent, he's real nice, and I've enjoyed following him for the past 12 years.

So Alex and I walk into the church last night, and guess who's standing in the lobby,

"I know you." He points at me.  "Emily _____."

He remembers me.  And my name.  Boy, did I feel cool!  And boy does that man have a gift for names.

We chatted with him a little before the concert,  enjoyed a great show, and chatted a little afterwards.

I'm an even bigger fan of Mark Schultz now.

And I am going to make a great effort in learning and using people's names.  Because it feels good when someone knows your name.


Molly said...

I went to that Christian July 4 concert in Dallas once, I think the summer I worked at the church. A group of us went over to Mark's table where he was signing things, and he remembered me. I had met him less than you and certainly did not have the connection to a certain Nashville family that you did. Granted, I was with Mac, and I do think he called me "Emily's sister," but lots of people call me "Emily's sister" so I count that as knowing me for me. Hope you had a good time and if he sang "He's my son," well, I hope if you shed a tear, it was a tear of happiness.

PS do i get gummy bears for this?! just kidding! have a safe flight!

Hawley said...

Wow that is indeed impressive that he remembered your name, and a good gift - though sometimes it creeps people out when you know who they are and they've long forgotten you ;) haha!

Anyways, so glad you guys had fun and it's always neat to see how the Christian circles aren't so big, in the end... It's nice we're all one big happy family ;)